Homosexual couple wants to leave Thailand with baby against wishes of mother

Homosexual couple fights to Leave Thailand with baby bought from a surrogate mother   World news | The Guardian.

Gordon Lake, left, and his husband, Manuel, with Carmen.

SURROGACY IS NOW ILLEGAL IN THAILAND but the queers carry on trying to get hold of babies by any means, A same-sex couple is embroiled in a legal battle in Thailand after the surrogate mother who gave birth to a child has refused to allow them to leave the country saying she was unaware they were homosexual.

The mother – who is genetically unrelated to the baby – handed over baby Carmen to Gordon Lake, an American, and his Spanish partner, Manuel, in January but later refused to sign documents to allow the infant to get a passport.

YGB says: Agencies that arrange surrogacy use and exploit women from poor backgrounds, and tell them very little. There is also the problem of language barriers. It is very believable that in this and many other cases, the woman agreed to act as a paid surrogate mother without realising that the baby would be brought up by two men and never have a mother. She naturally assumed that she was gestating a baby for an infertile heterosexual couple. Her refusal to sign the documents is quite within her rights. The queers can rant and storm all they like, but they have actually lost nothing  – they can just claim their money back from the agency.

For a girl, it is a nightmare to be brought up by two queers.

Notice how they keep on insulting the woman by saying she is not the mother. It may be that she received a donor egg, but she still gave life to this baby by nurturing it in her body for nine months, and then gave birth to it at pain and risk to herself. Therefore she is the mother and their attitude to her is lacking in respect and lowers the dignity of women.

 @ http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/20/gay-parents-fight-to-leave-thailand-with-surrogate-baby-daughter

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2 Responses to Homosexual couple wants to leave Thailand with baby against wishes of mother

  1. clairethinker says:

    I would change the title of this story to “Exploited mother refuses to hand her child over to homosexuals”.
    My opinion – it’s her right to say no. The baby is entitled to a mother and father. To be brought up by two queer men is a nightmare scenario.
    She gave birth to the baby, therefore she is the mother.


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