Great News – Mayor of Venice Bans LGBT Pride Parade

The new mayor of  Venice, a moderate conservative named Luigi Brugnaro, has used his powers to ban obscene “gay” parades in the historic city. He correctly judged them to be gross, offensive and full of extremist anti-social behaviour. “They are the ultimate in kitsch,” he said. Dead right, they are wholly inappropriate in this beautiful, refined city where tourists want to go to see culture and art.

LGBT groups whinged of course, and invited Mr Brugnaro to take  a leading part in the parade if he lifted the ban. He declined their invitation

Brugnaro was elected on 15th June this year after the left-wingers who had governed Venice for 30 years were swept away in a corruption scandal. Banning LGBT Pride is part of Brugnaro’s clean-up Venice campaign, and high time too! The hideous parades often feature queers in fetishist garb, flashing their genitalia at children, cross-dressers, prostitutes and paedophiles. The LGBT parade in London is a disgrace and costs the public a fortune.

Brugnaro sounds like a really good guy. One of the first things he did when he was elected was remove the LGBT indoctrination books from nursery schools, you know all those bizarre Lucy-has-two-daddies sort of  junk. He believes that children have a right to a mother and a father, and a right to know the facts of life, not just LGBT twaddle.

When popstar Elton John protested about this, and insulted Brugnaro, the Mayor rightly told the hideous raddled old junkie to mind his own business. It’s not Elton’s job to run Venice, it’s Mr Brugnaro’s. GREAT.


GBR says: Well done Mr Brugnaro. We applaud you. Stand firm  – LGBT is not progress, and you are doing the right thing.

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