Shannon McCoole, the Nice Homosexual Carer Who Ran a Paedophile Ring

Australia was shocked earlier this year by the exposure of paedophile abuse going on within the care system itself, People paid to look after children were using their positions for molesting children and babies, and the ringleader was a homosexual Shannon McCoole, whose Facebook page showed him being kissed by his male partner.

Shannon Grant McCoole

Shannon Grant McCoole was recruited into the child care profession as part of  a drive to employ more men, and more homosexuals. When he was first investigated by Queensland police for the molestation of six children in his care, peolpe said the accusations were guess what “homophobia”!!!!

It turned out he was guilty as hell. Some victims were as young as eighteen months  old.  Not only was he performing deviant acts on them, he was taking photographs and videos, and placing them on the internet. He had tried to pixellate his face in some of them , but police were able to unscramble the images. His computer contained literally thousands of child pornographic images and videos, of a serious nature.

Following these leads, police uncovered an international network of paedophiles , possibly the remains of which was believed to be extinct.

He has now been jailed for 35 years.

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