Bizarre…Gross…Two Queer Murderers Wed Each Other in a Men’s Prison

Marriage used to be “an honourable estate” …until the queers got their hands on it. Now it is just a parody. Beyond belief when two men, both criminals in prison for murder, can hold a “wedding”  – and call it marriage.

Marc Goodwin and Mikhail Gallatinov

The two men who set this ugly record for a “first” are Marc Goodwin and Mikhail Gallatinov. Both are serving life sentences at Full Sutton Prison, East Yorkshire. England.

Goodwin was jailed for life after admitting the murder of a man on Blackpool seafront. He kicked and punched the victim Malcolm Benfold, 57, until he died from horrific head injuries. Benfold was a homosexual so the press dubbed Goodwin a “gay-basher”even though the main motive for the crime was to get cash to fuel his drinking habit.

Mikhail Gallatinov, a convicted paedophile, described in court as “psychotic” is now in gaol for the murder of his male lover, Adrian Kaminsky, whom he met on a ” gay” chatline. When sentencing him in Manchester, the judge said : “This was a cold-blooded, well planned, callous, chilling and apparently motiveless killing.”

All the ingredients of a perfect marriage, then? 

They are queer murderers…and they are queer-murderers. It doesnt get any queerer than this.

The pair are serving their sentences on different wings and the Ministry of Justice has said they will not be allowed to share a cell.

Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, comments: “Since the passage of the ‘Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013’ I’ve been on the lookout for a ‘gay-marriage’ that would exemplify everything that Act was about. Now I think I have found such a couple, the summit, the very Apogee of Gay Marriage.

View the video: ‘The Apogee of Gay Marriage’ and please click the thumbs-up button.

In the video I have also invented a new term: to be ‘gay-married’. It’s a bit like proper marriage with guests and music and all that but it is actually a parody of the real God-ordained, Christ-affirmed institution. Satan having a laugh, if you like.”

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