Great Gay Bullies of the Past: Joe Orton

You think “gays” are victims? No, they are the worst bullies  around.

Joe Orton (1933-1967)  was a British playwright in the 1960s whose work has been highly-rated by lefties and trendies although their content is as sordid as his life.

Joe Orton

Orton died young in horrible circumstances, murdered by his male partner Kenneth Halliwell. Yep, this has a notable resemblance to the murders of David Kato and “gay Ray” proving that the hammer is the weapon of choice for discerning queers out to clobber their partners.

Orton was found dead on 9 August, 1967, in the bedsitter he and Kenneth shared in Islington, North London.  Halliwell had used a hammer to smash the brains of Orton right out of his skull. The hammer that was used to batter him to death lay above the bed cover on Orton’s chest.  The whole room was splattered with blood.

On the floor, naked, his hands, chest and bald head streaked with his victim’s blood, lay the body of Orton’s 41-year-old male lover, Kenneth Halliwell, who had died within 30 seconds from a massive overdose of Nembutal.

Although Orton and Halliwell lived together, Orton was wildly promiscuous and Halliwell was jealous. He was also envious of the success of Orton’s plays that were making him a celebrity. “Often clad from head to foot in black leather, Joe revelled in lowlife sleaze, constantly cruising the red-light districts of London in search of anonymous roughtrade sex, returning home to fill his diaries with shocking details of ‘frenzied homosexual saturnalia’ in public lavatories. He would proposition any attractive male who took his fancy, myself included, regardless of their persuasion,” writes Michael Thornton, a theatre critic who met him.

Halliwell’s jealousy led him to make repeated threats of suicide (he came from a traumatic family background). “As Orton’s promiscuity increased, Halliwell raged: ‘I’m disgusted by all this immorality. Homosexuals disgust me!’ And on a drink and drug-fuelled holiday in Tangier in June 1967, where both had sex with underage boys, Halliwell hit Orton about the head with his fists, told him that his plays were ‘ultimately worthless’, and that they were ‘finished’.”

Orton and Halliwell were prosecuted and gaoled in 1962 for borrowing books from the public library and defacing them with obscene pictures, and obscene writing that was meant to be funny. They cut pages or parts of pages out of certain books and replaced them with vile pederastic pornography. Some of these books were taken from the children’s section and their additions were intended to be seen by children using the library.

The day before he died, Orton told Thornton that he was getting treatment for a venereal disease, and also that Halliwell was taking “valium, librium, speed, Nembutal and every other pill he can lay hands on.” This pattern of drug-abuse is typical of homosexuals  – as of course are both promiscuity and pederasty. And bashing your partner’s brains out with a hammer.

VGB says: Both Orton and Halliwell were bullies. They bullied each other and they exploited the impoverished underage boys in North Africa where they went on sex-tourist holidays. Orton bullied Halliwell by being frequently unfaithful to him and exposing him to VD. Halliwell bullied Orton …by smashing his brains out. That’s gay love for you!

And now our mad laws tell us this kind of relationship is “marriage” and these kind of people can be trusted with children? NEVER. We will never accept this.

“Why I blame myself for the murder of Sixties playwright Joe Orton”, By Michael Thornton.

Posted on April 17, 2014 by clairethinker

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