9-year-old Boy Raped and Murdered by Homosexual in Brazil

Posted on June 11, 2013 by clairethinker

This is a truly tragic case, and naturally it has been ignored by the queer-controlled media in the USA and England.

This boy’s body was found at Coqueiro beach in Parnaiba, Brazil, in April 2013. João Victor dos Santos Sousa had been sexually abused, then strangled, dragged to the beach and dumped in the sea. The tide brought the body back to the shore where it was found by the locals in the morning.

Police found the boy’s blood-stained clothes in the nearby house of 23-year-old homosexual Darcio Rodrigues dos Santos, overlooking the beach. He was arrested and so were the boy’s parents who are being charged with knowingly supplying their son for perverted homosexual activity with Rodrigues.

Francisco Antonio and his wife are accused of sending their son to sleep at Rodrigues’ house, presumably in return for payment. This may not be true – we hope not!

Dárcio Rodrigues dos Santos aged 23, arrested over murder and sexual abuse of a 9-year-old boy.

This case is so shocking, so sickening, and so terribly sad that it makes me weep. If we lived in a sane society the name of João Victor dos Santos Sousa would be famous and not that of Matthew Shepard. This boy was killed because of perverted lust. Remember him whenever you hear the lie “there’s no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia!”

Watch the video:




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