Something in the Air: Kim Davis, Religious Freedom and a Christian Revolution

***There are a few parts that upset me but for the most part, Kim Davis, democrat tho she may be, her love for the Lord is first and foremost…and something many Christians hadn’t realized.  Our political affiliation should NEVER come first….the LORD should ALWAYS be first. Kim Davis may have awakened a sleeping giant….something the gays need to think about.***

Kentucky was a seed of a coming Christian revolution. Standing together for religious freedom out of our love for the Lord and our love for this Nation.

On September 8, 2015, I drove eight hours to stand with thousands of other Christians from across the confessional spectrum in support of Kim Davis, the Clerk of Court of Rowan County. Constitutional lawyer Mat Staver, my friend and the founder of Liberty Counsel, is defending Kim. I left at four in the morning because I knew I had to be there.

Those who know me have heard me use an expression quite often, “These may be difficult times, but they are our times, we were born and born again for these times. We are living in a new missionary age.” […]

Source: Something in the Air: Kim Davis, Religious Freedom and a Christian Revolution

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