Malicious Queers Bully Disabled Woman

The homo-fascists are hitting new lows all the time. Along with gunning down innocent people and bullying schoolkids, sending death threats and rape threats to Kim Davis, now they are proving they enjoy bullying disabled people as well.

Thomas A Mix

Cyber-bully Thomas A Mix

A gang of nasty-minded cyber-bullies including a certain Thomas A. Mix has been targeting a disabled couple in North Carolina because the wife, Mrs Jeanette Runyon, is a marriage supporter. Incredibly, they have been keeping up this campaign against her for SEVEN YEARS. The reason? She has used her Twitter and Facebook accounts to express her Christian faith and belief in true marriage.  She is anti-abortion  – so what? It’s her right to express her political views. But not in the opinion of these bullies.

Thomas A Mix again

Thomas A Mix and his lesbian sister

The queers have bullied the Runyons obsessively in every way including sheer physical vandalism.  They broke the back window of Jeanette’s car and then boasted about it on Twitter. They discovered that she ran a photography business, and decided to target that by placing fake statements on a consumer website claiming that they had been ripped off. The ruse worked  – despite Mrs Runyon protesting that they had never been her customers, the business lost trade and went under.  It was impossible to stop other queers from repeating and circulating the slanders. 

On Twitter Jeannette’s longest-running enemy is called, or calls herself, @NicoleBonnet1. Angry and hostile because of  Jeanette’s Christian and pro-marriage views, this homo-fascist and her friends bombarded Jeanette with hundreds of defamatory messages from November 2013 onwards. They harassed her ceaselessly using all the usual terms of LGBT abuse – “bigot” “hater” etc. and went further than that. Some of their posts amounted to incitement to violence.

NicoleBonnet1 dedicated herself to full-time stalking of Jeanette. She even bragged on Twitter that she travelled to Jeanette’s hometown in North Carolina where she contacted the police to “expose” Jeanette and demand that she be “monitored.” AND THAT’S NOT ALL.


Rev. Richard Desroches 

NicoleBonnet1 used Twitter to to suggest that Jeanette’s disabled retired veteran husband is a criminal. She also accused him of “being on the dole.” when in fact he lives on a military retirement pension. She admitted she was harassing him by officiously contacted various people and groups he is associated with.  She asked why Jeannette was allegedly living on “Medicare” and not working. The truth is that Mrs Runyon, who used to be a psychiatric nurse, became disabled after she was beaten up by a violent patient. Since then she has been retired on the pension that she is well entitled to.

After conducting this campaign of obsessive defamation for eighteen months, NicoleBonnet1 then had the sickening hypocrisy to get Jeanette’s Twitter account closed down, by accusing her of harassment!!!!  She could not accuse Jeanette of any hate-speech or incitement so she used this impudent lie. They believed it.

Spiteful NicoleBonnet1 has got an army of little helpers. Among them is a homosexual called  Thomas A Mix, alias Thomas Arzi, alias “Jim Davis” when he wants to make anonymous comments on Facebook.

He took up the cudgel and decided to set up some webpages specifically to defame Jeanette.  One of these is on Pinterest. Using slurs and lies taken directly from NicoleBonnet1, he launched a toxic attack on Jeanette. He stole her picture, took a selection of her twitter comments (out of context of course) and portrayed her and her husband as being monsters, for supporting the cause of KIM DAVIS.

Thomas A Mix stooped to some more dirty tactics. Jeanette’s Facebook account linked her with the Christ the King Anglican Church North Carolina. Crafty Thomas plastered his defamatory webpages with repeated references to “Jeanette Runyon of Christ the King Anglican Church North Carolina”. He made out that she was using the name of the church, and even claiming to work for it, which was something she had never claimed. He then sent a message to the vicar of the church asking him whether he agreed with his church being associated with the “hate” and “bigotry” of this alleged “racist” Jeanette Runyon.  It may be that NicoleBonnet1 had also contacted him…or maybe they are the same  person.

The tweet that they sent to the vicar concerned a 19-year-old man in Houston who accidentally shot himself while taking a selfie with a gun pointed at his own neck.  It turned out that this guy, Deleon Alamo Smith, had no licence for the gun. Nor had he even bought it legally. His cousin told the police that they had found it somewhere. The story is implausible. More likely they had stolen it, to use it for illegal purposes. Jeanette commented “One less thug to assassinate a cop” which is fair enough  – as Jesus said, “They who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Smith was also a selfish person who had made two girls pregnant while he was still in high school. Jim Davis/Thomas Mix seized on the wholly irrelevant fact that Smith happened to be black. So what?  A black criminal is still a criminal. He sent a copy of Jeanette’s tweet to the vicar claiming that she was racist and had put out the tweet using the name of her church. He labelled the church a “hate-group”. In fact she had never mentioned the church’s name anywhere.

The vicar, Father Richard E. Desroches, fell straight into the trap. He took everything the queers said at face value. Without even getting in contact with Mrs Runyon beforehand, he issued a public statement saying that she was “no longer a parishioner” there and that she did not speak on behalf of the church. Even more shockingly, he issued a statement to other priests in the diocese telling them that she  was not to be allowed to take communion!  All of this on the basis of one malicious e-mail sent under a false name.

The cyber-bullies then put spiteful announcements on the web, claiming that they had got Jeanette “kicked out” of her church, and “excommunicated”.  We hope that the bishop of this diocese deals with the stupid vicar as he deserves.

Luckily Jeanette is a graduate in psychology and trained to work with the criminally insane which means she has some background to help her cope with the twisted minds of these LGBT fanatics.

This bullying campaign has grown out of all recognition and turned into a major cyber-crime.  It is time that the police cracked down on the perpetrators  and put them on trial for severe harassment. And it is time for politicians to wake up to the fact that in our society today “GAYS” ARE THE WORST BULLIES.

You can send Jeanette your love and support on Twitter or on Facebook.

You can tell Father Desroches he made a mistake by contacting him here:-
Fr. Richard E Desroches
Vicar, Christ the King Anglican Church




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