#NicoleBonnet1 is a Sickening Bully

NicoleBonnet1 is the Twitter name of a nasty lesbian bully. She bullies Christians, conservatives and all those who oppose re-defining marriage. Her tactics are to send out a barrage of non-stop abuse, jeering, smearing and spitting poison.


She portrays herself as some kind of superwoman  in silly costume, But she is not Batwoman  – she is just BATTY. She is obsessed with hating good, decent, normal people and she will stoop to any level, bullying the old, the disabled and the people who are ALREADY victims of some sort of violent attack.

How despicable.

Please join our campaign and if you have a Twitter account, report NicoleBonnet1 for harassment, abuse and using a false name.

Nicole must be feeling pretty annoyed today with the Senate voting to defund Planned Parenthood. Because like so many lesbians, she has an absolute mania for aborting other people’s babies. She really wishes she could get pregnant, despite being a lesbian…just so that she could have an abortion and sell the baby parts for a bit of extra pocket money.

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One Response to #NicoleBonnet1 is a Sickening Bully

  1. Jeanette Victoria says:

    Ah I see the “brave” anon has found another target. One can’t libel an anonymous nick. This low life claims to have the NC FBI calling her about me ROTFLOL! Stupid Thomas Mix of Vero Beach Fla believes her lies.


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