Kim Davis: Religious freedom argument not enough.

***While I understand this sticks in some craws but we are not here to pander to the liberal bullship called homosexuality. We are here to show how they (homosexuals) operate. This is where our nation is headed and if we bury our heads in the sand, then one day it will be our ass too. If anyone thinks I will bow to that noise…..guess again. Three guesses and the first two don’t count.***

Kim Davis is out of jail and back at work.

But have her heroic efforts been diminished by the limited “religious freedom” goals our movement is pursuing? We think so. And it brings to light – once again — a fatal flaw in our movement’s approach.

Jailed for following her conscience

As we’ve reported, earlier this month Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis was sent to jail by a federal judge because she refused to allow anyone in her office to issue “gay marriage” licenses (which have her name printed on them), a decision which she said was rooted in her strong Christian faith.[…]

Source: Kim Davis: Religious freedom argument not enough.

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