Selfish Trannie Wants Money for Surrogacy – Don’t Give Him a Penny

A man who had a sex-change and passes for a “woman” now wants to have babies. Because he has no womb, and is in fact a EUNUCH, he wants to use a surrogate mother, and he has had the cheek to open a crowdfunding campaign BEGGING other people to give him £100,000.

Even more sickening, he says he wants to be BOTH mother and father of these babies. He plans to create them using sperm that he froze before he had his sex-change.

Kevin McCamley,  27, now calling himself Fay Purdham, says he needs £100,000 to pay a surrogate mum and has launched a crowd-funding campaign.  DON’T CONTRIBUTE!!!

He went onto spend £30,000 of his own money and 30K on the National Health Service for medical procedures and is now able to pass as a woman.

He even has a male partner. But what is really is is a eunuch, So he cannot have babies.

Fay Purdham, from Middlesbrough, with her partner, Christopher Dodd.

Kevin and his male partner, Christopher Dodd.

But before his transition was complete he froze some of his sperm – and is now looking for a surrogate mum to have the baby.

He would then become the child’s adoptive mother and biological father.

Kevin says he needs £100,000 to pay a surrogate to mother to help him fulfil his selfish “dream” and has launched a crowd-funding campaign.

Fay, from Newcastle, said: “Even before I knew I wanted to become a woman, I wanted to be a mother. I have transitioned to my chosen gender, but its a huge task and cost to do this, so I’ve set up a Go Fund Me page up to help me on my journey to become a mother and have my dreams come true.

“It’s cost £60,000 in surgery to become a woman, half paid by the NHS, and it’s another £100,000 to pay for a surrogate to provide me with eggs and carry the child.”

Kevin changed his name by deed poll at 19 and had his first surgery at 21, after realising at 16 that he wanted to be a woman and discussing it with his GP.

He says it’s been a long journey, including years of bullying [i.e. sensible warnings], painful operations and taking hormones.

Last week he came third [AAAhhh! pathetic]  in the first Miss Transgender UK finals after winning the regional final three weeks ago.

YGB says: It’s entirely his fault if he has wasted so much time and money mutilating himself. Don’t  give him a penny more.  Nature gave him a penis  – he cut it off. Now he wants babies, well that’s tough. Mad people should never be parents.  It is unfair on the children.

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