Yes, Trannies are Crazy, This One Switched Sex Three Times

Why should the whole of society be bullied by a handful of lunatics? Yes, I said lunatics, because these people are INSANE.

“Woman” who was born a man before having a sex swap then changing her mind and asking for breasts to be removed finally finds happiness after deciding he DOES want to be female after all.

PUBLISHED: 19:54, 4 October 2015 | UPDATED: 02:06, 5 October 2015
A transgender woman who suffers from a rare mental health problem has changed her sex three times – costing taxpayers more than £3,500.
Unemployed Chelsea Attonley, 30, from Derby, says he has spent his entire life trying to decide if he is a woman trapped in a man’s body or a man trapped in a woman’s body.
As a result of his gender dysphoria Attonley – who was born a boy and named Matthew – has changed sex three times, first becoming a woman aged 18 when he paid £5,000 for 38FF breasts.
But because of her illness he soon changed his mind and decided to become Matthew again – but at the last moment decided he did not want to lose his womanly figure and he now plans to remain a fake “woman”.
Gender dysphoria, a recognised medical condition, is when a person experiences discomfort or distress because there is a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity.

Speaking to the Sunday People, he said: ‘I was living as Matthew and I’d decided to have my breasts removed. But I was looking at them in the mirror and the tears started to flow. They made me feel so ­womanly and the thought of having them taken away just broke my heart. If anything, I just wished they were bigger.
‘I knew in that second I wasn’t Matthew, I was Chelsea. I just had to start living as a woman again.’
The newspaper reports that to date the NHS has footed a £3,500 bill to allow Ms Attonley to swap her sex.
But Matthew insists the money was well spent after he attempted suicide when he began really struggling with his gender identity.

Chelsea says he first began wearing female clothing when he was just three years old, and as he grew older she formed a friendship with a group of girls at school who helped him get through the teasing he encountered
Despite always being attracted to men he said sex was ‘robotic’ and passionless until he turned 18 and stumbled across a magazine article about women who had been “born into male bodies”.[What a load of claptrap!]He immediately identified with the women she read about and booked an appointment with her local GP, where he broke down as she said he believed he was a woman.
After being referred for psychiatric tests he was prescribed female hormones and he broke the news to her mother Sandra, a dinner lady, who was understanding.
His mother even donated £2,000 towards the breast implants which he had done in Thailand and which he modelled on his heroine, glamour model Katie Price.
Chelsea aged 19, living as Matthew (pictured left) and aged 20 when she began living as a woman (right)
Chelsea Attonley: ‘Meeting Jordan inspired my transformation’

He said when he first saw them he burst into tears of happiness because for the first time he felt truly feminine.
But following the death of his beloved mother in 2013 Matthew found himself alone and grieving and decided his chances of finding love were being impaired by being a woman.
So last year he decided to go back to living as a man and asked the NHS again to fund £100-a-time ­hormone injections to reboot male testosterone production.
He shaved her head, cut up his long blonde hair extensions and bit off his nails, while his penis and testicles, which had been shrunk by an implant, began to grow back as did his facial hair.
Chelsea was delighted with his breast implants (left) but decided being a woman was preventing him from finding love and last year decided to live as Matthew again.
He then applied to have his breast implants removed on the NHS but as he found himself on an increasingly downward spiral of depression in January of this year he tried to kill herself because he felt he did not know who he was any more and hated the changes to his body.
As the appointment to remove his breasts approached, just six weeks ago he realised he had serious doubts – and decided to keep the breasts and return to being Chelsea again.
He will have to keep up hormone ­treatment for the rest of her life, at a cost of £20 a month to the NHS and he plans to have full gender ­reassignment surgery at some point in the future.
He added: ‘It’s taken a while but I finally realised I could never be anyone but Chelsea.’
Last year Chelsea decided to go back to living as a man (pictured left) and asked the NHS again to fund £100-a-time ­hormone injections to reboot male testosterone production. But she has decided to live as a “woman” [at least for now]

YGB says: It is wrong for the tax payer to have to fund all this rubbish. The man is mad, His delusions are his own problem. He is not entitled to hormones or operations.  He belongs in a lunatic asylum. We pity any man who chooses this fake woman as his wife because Matthew is a eunuch and can never have normal sexual relations or children.

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