Boxing Champion Penalized for “Transphobia” (Honest Common Sense Views)

Matt Mitrione, the heavyweight champion boxer and heavyweight fighter and former NFL defensive lineman, has got more intelligence than most liberal or socialist politicians. He spoke out bravely against the nonsense of allowing a sportsman to cut off his penis and then compete against women calling himself “female”.

Well. said, Matt! Nonsense is nonsense even if the politically correct brigade defend it.

In an interview, Mitrione was asked his opinion of the boxer Fallon Fox who has had a so-called sex-change operation to turn him into a woman, and now competes in the MMA against real women. Mitrione spoke out boldly and honestly. He said that Fox had been born a man, and stayed a man for over thirty years, so his body would always be stronger and faster than that of a woman. He should not be able to call himself a woman just because a crooked surgeon can be found to remove his genitalia. In fact, he allegedly called Fallon Fox “a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak”.

Mitrione was accused of “transphobia” and suspended indefinitely by the UFC on Monday, hours after the interview.


How many times do we have to say it  – there is no such thing as homophobia and there is no such thing as transphobia. People who want to change sex are mixed up. They need psychiatric treatment. Men who compete in sport against women are cheats. LGBT ideas harm sport and they harm society.

Retired professional boxer Edin Stewart  commented, “I don’t understand gender reassignment. Or whatever they call it. And as a former professional fighter, 9 years retired, I totally understand the concerns. And I fought in MMA.”

Matt Mitrione is a VICTIM OF GAY BULLYING.

Posted on April 27, 2013 by clairethinker Edit

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