Boy Molested by Homosexual adoptive “Parents” – Social Services Turn a Blind Eye

Orphan Andrew Cannon was adopted by a male homosexual couple in Wakefield in the North of England. The British law now permits same-sex couples to foster and to adopt calling this an “equal right”. The results were horrendous.

Left in the household of David Cannon and his young male partner John Scarfe, Andy was repeatedly molested and subjected to sexual abuse from the age of 9 upwards. The homosexual pair would force him to smoke cannabis and take Ecstasy before making him undergo their perverted activities. Not only did they rape him themselves, they also took obscene photographs of him so they could circulate them as child pornography,

Mr Cannon, now aged 23, says that he complained six times to social services or persons in authority but they ignored him because they did not want to be  seen as “anti-gay” or “fomohobic”. Only after Andrew was injured by one attack was he finally taken out of the care of the perverts. He left home while still very young and went into the army as a cadet.

When he brought a legal case prosecuting his “parents” for abuse, he again found considerable obstruction and foot-dragging in the system. The problem was that nobody wanted to believe a “homophobic” story. The case took five years! In 2006 Andrew finally got his nasty “parents” gaoled but their sentence was only thirty months each. They each served little more than a year inside. He was awarded £25,000 in compensation (about $18,000).

A report written by Patrick Ayres, a child protection officer, now calls this “gross negligence”.

We think it’s worse than that. It’s a shocking and disgusting case of GAY BULLYING.

It’s also proof of the harm that is done by believing in so-called “homophobia”. There is no such thing as homophobia. It’s just a superstition.
It is a tragedy that Andrew never had a mother. He was sacrificed to ideas about political correctness. Happily he now has a girlfriend, Rideanna Hamill. We think it is the right of every child to have a MOTHER and a FATHER.
All the founders of the so-called “gay” movement, such as Harry Hay, were blatant boy-lusters and child molesters. Hay and many of his chums were members and supporters of NAMBLA, the North-American-Man-Boy-Love-Association. (Love is not what any right-minded person would call it.) They were perverts.

YGB says:- Wake up to where this dangerous anti-social movement is going.

Posted on March 31, 2013


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