British and US Medical Experts Warn that AIDS is Spreading and Homosexual Men are Mostly to Blame

AIDS has been around now for thirty years and despite all the denial it is largely a problem caused and spread by homosexual men.

Billions of dollars are being poured into research but that does not stop the HIV virus quickly spreading. The more that LGBT ideas get a grip on society, the more the epidemic spreads and the more people are endangered world wide. Fashionable, liberal notions about accepting and normalizing perverted behaviour are making everything worse. It is just a form of psychotic denial and it is killing people. Meanwhile other medical research is starved of funds so that all the available money can be poured into indulging the LGBTs and their sleazy lifestyle. Through Obamacare, the rest of society will be forced to pay for the depraved behaviour of a few.

A homosexual named Gaëtan Dugas is the first recorded example of a person having AIDS. He was a Canadian flight attendant working in the USA. Dugas boasted about his promiscuity and had 2,500 partners before he died of AIDS in 1984. He continued to have hundreds of partners even after being diagnosed. He spread the virus to a large group of other similar homosexuals who rapidly spread it around the world.

This week the American Centre for Disease Control issued a warning statement which we will reproduce although we do not agree with them using the word “sex” for perverted activity. The CDC has carried out new research confirming that homosexuals are extremely promiscuous, that those who live with a partner are no less promiscuous, and that they are mainly responsible for this pernicious disease. The report refers to MSM i.e. me who have “sex” with men, meaning homosexuals and bisexuals. Although these men are only 2% of the population, they account for 65% of the new cases of HIV. This means that they are 30 times more likely to get and spread the disease than heterosexuals are. Their own filthy practices, some of which are too vile to be mentioned here, are to blame. Despite all their denials, homosexuals are very promiscuous and very unlikely to have any committed relationship. Typically they use prostitutes, dating sites and clubs to meet a constant stream of new partners.

Britain’s public health chief Professor Kevin Fenton warned recently of a “catastrophic global “gay” HIV epidemic.”

Fenton laid the blame for the epidemic squarely on the two most obvious characteristics of homosexual sex: anal intercourse and promiscuity. He said the HIV epidemic in homosexual men is now in every part of the world.

Fenton said that despite an increasing number of tools to combat HIV infection, the incidence and prevalence of the disease in MSM (men who have sex with men) is increasing rather than decreasing globally.

Handing out free condoms has not worked. They only give 80% protection anyway and encourage people to take 100 times more risks. The problem is not solved. The LGBT movement is causing death, and all the liberals do is encourage children to go into this vile and perverted lifestyle.

“A federal study released this week said unprotected homosexual activity among US men is on the rise. The proportion of men in the United States having unprotected “sex” with other men increased 20 percent from 2005 to 2011, raising new concerns over the spread of the HIV virus, which causes AIDS. Fifty-seven percent of MSN reported having unprotected anal sex at least once in the last 12 months, up from 48 percent in 2005, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The study of more than 9,000 men included interviews and HIV testing. “We are concerned about the increase,” the study’s lead author, Gabriella Paz-Bailey, told Reuters.

Men having sex with other men (MSM) account for 65 percent of new infections even though they represent only 2 percent of the total population, she added.

The reason for the increase in unprotected anal sex is unclear. It could be because men are increasingly having sex with partners who have the same HIV status as their own in the belief that this lowers their risk of contracting the virus, the study reported.

However, the CDC warns that this could be a dangerous strategy.

Men with HIV “might not know or disclose that they are infected and men’s assumptions about the HIV status of their partners can be wrong,” the agency said.

In other words  – they don’t give a damn. Yet they never stop complaining that they are oppressed and victimized.

VGB says  – we are the victims. Society as a whole suffers because of this. These perverted people expect the rest of society to spend a fortune solving the problems that they cause. That is not fair.

“It is estimated that the HIV rate in MSM is eight times that of the general population in low-income countries, and 23 times the general-population rate in high-income countries,” Dr. Fenton added.

“The most reliable prevalence figures suggest that, regionally, Latin America and the Caribbean have especially high rates, but in no country of the world is HIV prevalence lower in MSM than in the population as a whole. Even in South Africa, the country with more people living with HIV than any other, HIV is twice as common in MSM as it is in other people.”

There goes the myth that the disease is more heterosexually driven in Africa.

Dr. Fenton noted that statistics show that, in the developed world, the US has the highest rate of new infections; the UK has highest overall number of infected men; and several central European countries have the highest rate of increase in numbers of infected men.

“HIV was especially high partly for biological reasons,” Fenton explained. “It is now estimated that anal sex is 18 times better at transmitting HIV than vaginal sex. The chance of HIV being caught from having receptive anal sex once with a partner with a detectable HIV viral load is about 1.4% or one in 71 encounters; but because people have sex together more than once, the per-partner likelihood of catching HIV from a sero-different partner is, in gay men, about 40%.”

Mutual penetration obviously doubles the chance of transmitting disease.

“Another factor in gay men’s higher HIV prevalence,” Fenton said, “is that because gay men have more partners and higher changeover rates, their sexual networks are more closely connected: 25% of gay men diagnosed with HIV were members of a cluster that had HIV viruses that were genetically identical, suggesting rapid transmission within the network, compared with 5% of heterosexual people.”


Dr. Fenton also identified psycho-social and substance addiction elements in the exploding rates of HIV infection in MSM saying that the rates of smoking (at 27 to 66%, according to area), recreational drug use, lifetime depression (about 40%) and lifetime severe anxiety (at 20%) are all roughly double in gay men over what they are in the general population. “MSM also have higher rates of traumatic experience such as child sexual abuse (CSA) and intimate partner violence (IPV) than the general population.

“In several studies that looked at rates of depression, drug use, CSA and IPV in gay men, and related them to HIV prevalence and high risk sex, gay men with three or four of these conditions were twice as likely to have HIV and three times as likely to have had recent high-risk sex than men with none of them,” Dr. Fenton said.

The whole notion of committed, loving same-sex relationships also seems to be something of a myth. Nowhere in the new revelations about HIV/AIDS is this brought up. In fact “anal intercourse and promiscuity” seem to be the resounding truth.


Posted on December 6, 2013

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