British MP Stuart Andrew lied about “homophobic” attack.

In 2013, when the law on “gay” marriage was being pushed through the UK parliament, homosexual MP Stuart Andrew, who represents the constituency of Pudsey, Horsforth & Aireborough, near to Leeds, stood up and made a speech accusing anybody who opposed the bill of “homophobia”.

He said how disappointed he was that various MPs still thought they were entitled to argue or debate on any issues instead of just bowing down and giving queers whatever they demanded. He branded them “homophobes” and said they were responsible for physical attacks on homosexuals, and he claimed that he himself had suffered such an attack sixteen years earlier. He said he had once been set apon in the street and “beaten unconscious” by three men just for being homosexual.

MP Stuart Andrew

Stuart Andrew, homosexual LIAR.

“Mr Andrew, 41,[mentioned]  an incident when living in north Wales in 1997 in which both he and his father were hospitalised by a brutal homophobic attack. “I am not an aggressive man, but I have had the misfortune of facing aggression in a violent, physical form,” he said, adding jokingly that he was not referring to “that incident” when he was infamously headbutted by Labour MP Eric Joyce in a Commons bar last year. “In 1997, I was attacked and beaten unconscious by three men because of who and what I am,” Mr Andrew said. “That had a profound effect on me at that time, but in time I fought back, and what helped were the decisions taken in (Parliament).”Mr Andrew’s speech was warmly praised on all sides of the House. Labour’s Hilary Benn, the MP for Leeds Central, described his words as “powerful and moving”. Julian Smith, the Tory MP for Skipton and Ripon, said anyone opposed to gay marriage should read the speech.”

However, when challenged, Mr Andrew could not name either the date or the exact location where this attack was supposed to have taken place. He could only vaguely say that it was in early 1997 in the Welsh town of Beaumaris, and he claimed to have been treated at Ysbyty Gwynedd hospital. But the local newspapers of Beaumaris contain no report of any such incident and neither do the police records. No charges were brought by Mr Andrew or by his father then or at any time for any such incident. The story is implausible for two other reasons  – one, that Mr Andrew’s father is not homosexual, and two that there is no way that the attackers, complete strangers, could have known whether Mr Andrew is homosexual. If he was attacked at all  – and there is no proof that he was  – there would be no reason to conclude that the attackers’ motive was related in any way to his homosexuality.

Mr Andrew, a member of the Conservative party, is just using that familiar queer ploy of playing the victim. If anyone disagrees with him, they are accused of violence against poor little queers and made out to be “gay-bashers”.

VGB says: QUEERS ARE LIARS. they constantly invent allegations of violence and pose as victims to get sympathy and manipulate the media. Compare this to the Richard Kennedy case and so many others. 

Same-sex “marriage” had no mandate from the voters because it had not appeared on the manifesto of any political party before the 2010 election. Worse, only three days before the election, David Cameron publicly stated on Sky TV that he had “no plans to re-define marriage”. As soon as he scraped in as Prime minister, by means of a coalition pact with the Liberals Democrats (who also broke all their election promises) he announced that he would bring in “gay” marriage and proceeded to ignore all the public protest against it. He is now surprised that his party’s vote has been halved in the May 2014 election. His Coalition partner,s the LibDems who also forced through “gay” marriage did even worse. They have been virtually wiped out!

Posted on June 1, 2014 by clairethinker

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