British Teachers Face Sack for Refusing to Teach Same-Sex “Marriage”

The tyrannical law imposing same-sex marriage in the UK, pushed through parliament without ever having been in the any party’s election manifesto, is causing mayhem. Thousands of outstanding teachers, dedicated professionals with exemplary records, now face the sack if they wish to opt out of teaching the nonsense of “gay” marriage to impressionable young children.

Two cases are now going through the courts. One, a woman primary school teacher who cannot be named as the case is sub judice, worked in a school in London. she was told to read her class a story book called “And Tango Makes Three” about supposedly homosexual penguins. When she realized the story was advocating same-sex marriage, she stopped reading it and said that she preferred not to impose such ludicrous crap on her kids.

The result was the the head of the school told her she was breaking the law. She was suspended and told her she will have no class next year. She may be excluded from the teaching profession.

A male teacher in a secondary school in Scotland has also been penalized. He was prepared to teach about marriage and sexuality in a balanced and objective way, but could not in all conscience say “gay” marriage was the same as real marriage. The head of department and the head teacher said he must toe the party line and “keep his views to himself”. In other words, stay in the closet!!!!!

The teacher said this contributed to “a breakdown and being signed off work for several months with stress”. Top lawyers have warned the British Government that its plans to redefine marriage could mean Christian teachers face the sack if they refuse to endorse “gay” so-called marriage in the classroom.

And a poll of British teachers in February 2013 revealed that most (56%) believe a teacher would damage their career if they voice support for traditional marriage.


PROTEST NOW. Protest by writing to your MP, writing to your local newspaper, writing to a national newspaper, bringing up the subject at your local church and campaigning on Facebook. Speak out loud and clear that GAY BULLYING is unacceptable.

Posted on April 27, 2013 by clairethinker

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