Crazy Queer Junkie Paul Flowers Crashes Major UK Bank

The Co-operative Bank in the UK has gone under after a history of more than 100 years. In charge was a depraved homosexual called Paul Flowers whose lack of qualifications as a banker are almost as shocking as his immoral lifestyle.

This is a mega-scandal towering far above most “gay” scandals. Paul Flowers, 63, was in charge of a bank whose total assets he could not even reckon. When asked at an enquiry how much the bank was worth he guessed £3 billion. The answer was that it was worth £47 billion when he was elected chairman but is now worth minus £1.5 billion. People are asking how this could have happened  – how did a useless, stupid and drug-addicted man get into a top position running a bank? The explanation is that he was a member of the Labour (Socialist) Party and a homosexual. These two buddy-buddy networks ensured that he got promoted way beyond his level of competence, and people turned a blind eye to the drugs.

Disgraced Co-op bank chief Reverend Paul Flowers texted a teenage rent boy to invite him to a Labour peer’s London party

And shamefully, Flowers was also a Methodist minister. He used this to inspire trust and confidence while living a life of utter debauchery. A rent-boy he hired has described how Flowers liked “two-day drug-fuelled gay orgies”. He was using cannabis, cocaine, crystal meth, and GHB the so-called “date-rape” drug. He got in touch with young male prostitutes via Grindr, the homosexual so-called “dating” app, designed for a life of casual promiscuity. After his drug-binges were exposed in the press, Flowers got labelled the “crystal Methodist”.

Flowers was a Labour councillor (i.e. representative at local government level) until he was found to have hard-core porn on his computer. He was asked to resign, but stayed in the Labour Party. He was convicted in 1981 of committing an act of “gross indecency” with another male in a public toilet. No surprise there. We know the queers like sleazy and unsavoury activities. Anything crude and grubby turns them on. His church accepted an apology and he was was allowed to remain a Methodist minister.

Flowers used his Labour Party friends to get a series of high-paid prestigious jobs in public sector quangos. He was a trustee of the Terrence Higgins Trust (an organization that claims to help homosexuals fight AIDS but actually encourages them in the most perverted practices and degraded habits). He was also chairman of Lifeline, a drug-abuse charity. What a joke – when he himself was getting high on every substance known to a police sniffer dog. While chairman of Lifeline he ran up a bill for £150,000 in expenses! He was forced to resign in 2004 but despite all of that, and a few drink-driving convictions as well, he went on to be elected chairman of the board of directors of the Co-operative Bank. The Co-operative Bank has what it calls an “ethical” policy which means that it refuses to deal with groups such as Christian Voice, which are outspoken critics of the LGBT movement. Those are expelled as being unacceptable, while the sickening deviance of the Rev Paul Flowers flourished and took control.

Paul Flowersreverend-paul-flowers-444658

Flowers lived in a rent-free church-owned house, and used his £130,000 salary as chairman of the bank to finance a life of utter depravity. 21-year-old Ciaron Dodd, a rent-boy, told the press that Flowers hired him for homosexual perversion at plush hotel rooms paid for on expenses claimed from the sinking Co-op Bank. Even the rent-boys were shocked at what he was doing. One of them said that he “used his status “to get young men off their heads for sex”. They spoke of 2-day drug-fuelled homosexual orgies. In a text to another rent-boy Flowers offered £750 for spending a week with him in Hampshire.


“A young male escort who accompanied Paul Flowers to a classical concert in May claims he had to warn the Co-op Bank chairman about a ‘polo ring’ of cocaine on his nostrils. As chairman of the Manchester Camerata, Flowers had two tickets to see their Chamber Orchestra at Bridgewater Hall. ‘We met at the Renaissance hotel where we had a drink and a line of coke in his room,’ said the man. ‘When we got there he embarrassingly introduced me as his nephew. ’I sensed people knew it was not like that but he didn’t have any problems with how he was perceived.’

It seems that many people in power knew all about Flowers’ vile and corrupt lifestyle but did nothing about it They went on behaving as if the biggest problem in society was “homophobia”!!!!!

YGB says This is a scandal that exposes the corruption of our parliamentary class. Flowers was a close friend of Baroness Thornton, the Labour peer who steered the Same Sex Marriage Bill through parliament just a few months ago. At the same time she was giving parties attended by the likes of Paul Flowers who were free to take along any rent-boys they had picked up for the weekend, and stay in her bedrooms to do drugs and anything else. Flowers described the Baroness as his “dear friend”. SHOULD SUCH PEOPLE TELL US WHAT MARRIAGE IS?

>A year after his public disgrace, Flowers, who is now banned from preaching, finally moved out of his free clergy house, but he continues to be paid £11,106 a year by the Methodist Church.

He is said to be lined up for a £20,000 pension from the Methodist Church which will also not be affected.


Posted on November 24, 2013

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