The Strange Death of Robert Eric Wone

If a homosexual man was killed by three heterosexuals, you would expect there to be a huge fuss about it and LGBT groups all over the place would be howling that they are “oppressed”. Yet hardly anyone has heard of the case of Robert Wone, a happily married man who was mysteriously killed at the house shared by three homosexual men in Washington, USA six years ago.

Robert and Kathy Wone

Robert Eric Wone was murdered in Washington, D.C. in August 2006.  Wone, who was 32 years old at the time, was a lawyer living in suburban Oakton, Virginia, but had been working as general counsel at Radio Free Asia in downtown Washington, D.C. His body was found in the home of a college friend, located about one mile from his office. According to police affidavits, Wone was believed to have been “restrained, incapacitated, and sexually assaulted” before his death.

Within days of the murder, D.C. police alleged that the crime scene had been tampered with, but no charges were filed for over two years. The individuals present in the townhouse when Wone was attacked were charged in late 2008 with obstruction of justice and conspiracy related to alleged tampering with the crime scene. The suspects were acquitted of the charges in June, 2010 and the case was categorized as “unsolved”.

The house where Wone was found dead was the home of three wealthy homosexual men, named Joseph R. Price, Victor J. Zaborsky, and Dylan M. Ward. They lived together in a three-sided relationship and had a child produced for them by a lesbian couple. Neighbours testified that the cosy trio in this “alternative family”  frequently had sexual relations with other men and were fond of using drugs to enhance their activities.  Joseph Price, 35,  was a successful lawyer and gay-rights activist.  He was President of the University of Virginia Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association.  Later, he helped to set up “Equality Virginia”, a gay rights advocacy group, in which he acted from 2002 to 2006 as general counsel i.e. barrister.

Zaborsky, 40, who was Price’s civil partner, was a highly-paid marketing executive and they lived in the plushy Dupont neighbourhood where houses cost several million dollars.

Wone was not a close friend of his hosts. He was there because he needed somewhere to stay overnight before a breakfast meeting in Washington on the morning of August 3rd 2006. After e-mailing several friends to ask for a bed for the night, he got a positive answer from Price, whom he had had known slightly since his college days.  So on 2nd August he went to Price’s house, 1509 Swann Street, at about 10.30 in the evening. At 11.49pm that night Zaborsky telephoned 911 and asked for an ambulance. He said there had been an intruder and somebody was injured. The medics arrived shortly after midnight to find Robert Wone stabbed fatally in the chest, with a number of mysterious wounds all over his body.  These included needle marks indicating how he had been drugged. Traces of semen were found in and around his anus but all three men insisted that they knew nothing about the murder. Zaborsky and Ward were dressed in bath-robes as if they had just had a shower. Price was dressed only in his underwear when the ambulance arrived. No signs of any intruder or any break-in were found nor was anything stolen to suggest a motive for such an intruder. The house had a seven-foot high security fence and a locked outer gate making intrusion rather difficult.

The LGBT police squad were immediately called in and they made it clear they would not tolerate any attempt to victimize the three men in the house just because they were “gay”.  The court was also terrified of being seen to act in a “homophobic” manner. Joseph Price used all his professional legal expertise to hamper the investigation and protect the interests of himself and his housemates. Police found that the area around the body had been cleaned before they arrived, and sniffer dogs detected traces of blood in the washing machine and drains  – indicating laundering of incriminating evidence. There were Ecstasy tablets in the house. The house was well-equipped with security cameras, but all of them had been removed and disposed of. A few weeks after the murder, there was a mysterious “burglary” at Price’s house, in which a lot of possessions including a computer  were stolen. Without these, the police were unable to pursue main lines of enquiry, and the clever lawyers for the defence argued that the jury should not be told anything about the collection of bondage and restraining equipment in the house, as this might “prejudice” them on grounds of “lifestyle”.

Among the paraphenalia in the Price-Zaborsky-Ward household were chains, spikes, manacles,  masks, black hoods, harnesses, gadgets that attached to the genitalia for inflicting pain and an electronic machine for causing a tied-up male to ejaculate. They had a device used to force one person to drink the urine of another. One prosecutor described their home as a “dungeon”.

Price’s office computer contained a document that was a “slave” contract between him and Ward, specifying the details of their sado-masochistic relationship. It is common for perverts to make such contracts.

The defence suggested that in the absence of any known intruder, the death might have been suicide. Why a happy and successful man should drug, injure and fatally stab himself at a friend’s house was not easy to explain, particularly as he had an early morning meeting written in his diary for the following day. Wone was very happily married and had kissed his wife Kathy goodbye that morning when he walked with her to her office. The judge rejected this explanation and also the hypothesis of an intruder. No other person’s DNA was found at the scene. There were many oddities in the statements, for instance when Zaborsky rang the ambulance he said that he heard the door chime so that was how he knew there was an intruder. What kind of intruder would ring the front doorbell?

Whenever Price and his house-mates were asked questions such as “Did you kill Robert Wone?” or “Did you clean up the crime scene?” they simply replied “I plead the Fifth Amendment” i.e. the right to stay silent and not incriminate yourself.  Judge Lynn Leibovitz concluded that there was a moral certainty of the trio’s collective guilt, but not evidentiary certainty. So they were acquitted. Despite being at one point charged with obstructing justice, Price and Zaborsky were again released as the police said there was not enough clear evidence to bring charges.

The cosy queer trio left Washington and settled into a new life in Florida. Joseph Price continues his career as a noted “gay-rights” advocate. He continues to litigate high profile “gay rights” cases, including Miller vs. Jenkins.

Camille Paglia commented that the relative lack of news coverage for the crime “appears to be a blatant case of politically correct censorship”.[29] The account in Wikipedia has been frequently purged of additional details tending to suggest that the Price-Zaborsky-Ward trio were guilty of sexual assault and murder.  Several Wikipedia contributors were banned from editing because of their contributions which were deemed to be against the online encyclopaedia’s pro-queer ideology.


Price and Zaborsky first hit the headlines in 2004 when Zaborsky  fathered a child by artificial insemination on Kim Musheno, a lesbian who already had a child by Price. The boy Alec Alston Musheno, is being raised by Kim and her lesbian partner. The two homosexual couples were shown smiling and laughing with a cute child and telling journalists, “We are forging new territory here. There are no role models.”

Ms Musheno  announced, “Times have changed,” as if that were necessarily a good thing.

Some recent reports suggest that the Price-Zaborsky-Ward trio has now actually broken up. Zaborsky has been suspended as a lawyer in his home state.
Dylan Ward continues to advertise his services  on the internet giving “sensual massage” for clients in Florida.

And here is Kim Musheno, complaining on the internet that she and her partner Catherine still do not have “equal rights” to marry and are not treated “fairly” when they are a “family”.  Was the Price-Zaborsky-Ward tro a nice normal “family”?  Did they  treat others fairly?

VGB says Never believe the propaganda of the LGBT movement :-

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1 Response to The Strange Death of Robert Eric Wone

  1. Norman says:

    While I greatly appreciate the attention you have given to the murder of Robert Wone, one detail is incorrect. The child was not given to Victor Zaborsky and Joe Price (now going by the name Joseph Anderson in Florida ). The two criminals merely gave their sperm to Kim Musheno so she and her partner could have and raise the 2 boys. Also, Victor didn’t say he heard the front door chime. He said he had heard the back door chime before running downstairs and seeing Robert Wone stabbed. Who knows if that’s the truth, but if there were a door sound, it was probably from Joe or Dylan (aka Dylan Thomas or Michael) opening the door to make it seem like an intruder had come in and left. Absolutely vile and despicable.


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