Victory for Jeanette Tye Runyon

Well, it’s victory for Mrs Jeanette Tye Runyon, and defeat for the nasty homosexual bullies Thomas A Mix (alias Thomas Arzi, alias “Jim Davis”) and @NicoleBonnet1.

This pair of vicious creeps targetted Mrs Runyon and then boasted on the internet that they had got her “kicked out” of her church,  Christ the King Anglican Church North Carolina. They did this by including the name of the church in smear articles and sending the smear articles to the vicar, Father Richard E Desroches.

Thomas A Mix

Cyber-bully Thomas A Mix

But yesterday, Mrs Runyon was completely exonerated when the Bishop of  North Carolina, Peter Robinson, visited her church and publicly gave her Holy Communion, in front of the whole congregation –  including Father Desroches.

So the queers can’t boast that they have got her “kicked out” and they had better find some other nice, disabled Christian people to bully…because this plot FAILED.

#ThomasAMix #JimDavis #NicoleBonnet1

Father Richard E Desroches is a Liar #RichardEDesroches #RevRichardDesroches #FatherDesroches

We like to think that we can trust the clergy  – but sadly that is not always true. Most shameful of all, some “men of God” tell lies and join in bullying campaigns against innocent people. Father Richard E Desroches … Continue reading

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Malicious Queers Bully Disabled Woman

The homo-fascists are hitting new lows all the time. Along with gunning down innocent people and bullying schoolkids, sending death threats and rape threats to Kim Davis, now they are proving they enjoy bullying disabled people as well. Cyber-bully Thomas … Continue reading

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