Everybody is Homophobic… According to Barmy Queers

When British TV put on a new sitcom about a pair of homosexual men, were the gay fanatics grateful? No, they were as angry and offended as ever. Instead of being pleased at being presented as the “new normal” they immediately denounced it as…homophobic!!

The show “Vicious” had two big stars in it, Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, the former homosexual. It presented them as a couple who had been together for forty years (about forty years longer than most gay relationships actually last). It started with an audience of 5.78 million for the opening instalment. By the second episode it had dropped to 3.82 million and by the final, sixth episode it was watched by only 2.77 million people. ITV has no plans for another series, thank God.

The queer TV critic and humorist Barry Cryer tore the show to pieces saying that its characters were stereotypes, it encouraged prejudice and nothing in it was funny. In fact he said it was “homophobic”…gasp, shock, horror. So no matter how much you try to flatter the LGBTs their vanity is never satisfied. They can’t bear to see themselves portrayed as old, and they can’t bear to be laughed at. Let’s face it, queers are always offended by everything. They throw tantrums non-stop. Freud was right when he said that they were paranoic.

Why should a TV series pretend that homosexuals are normal anyway? If homosexuality was normal none of us would be here. Get over it!


Posted on June 22, 2013 by clairethinker


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