French Police Beat Up Priest for Defending Marriage

This video shows how the French armed police assaulted a Roman Catholic priest who took part in a peaceful, unarmed protest to defend real marriage against LGBT hi-jacking.

The priest was pushed to the ground and manhandled, because he had tried to help another protestor who was already arrested and taken away.

The priest has now been identified as Father Beauvais of the church of Saint Nicolas of Chardonnet.

La Manif Pour Tous is not going to accept LGBT violence or state tyranny. It is bravely organizing another event for May 5th 2013.

The popularity ratings of President Francois Hollande have plummetted over the past year since his election. He has done nothing to improve the economy, just pursued a policy of queer claptrap and putting down freedom of speech.

See more about the brave French protestors on their website La Manif Pour Tous.

Don’t Give In to Gay Bullying.

Posted on April 27, 2013 by clairethinker

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