Great Gay Bullies of the Past: Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was one of the greatest monsters and dictators of the twentieth century. His aggressive Nazi policies caused World War II and led to the extermination of six million Jewish men, women and children in concentration camps. Not only was he a master of genocide and mass murder  –   Adolf Hitler was a homosexual.

Considering how many biographies there are of Hitler, very little is known about his youth and early life. Hitler left school aged 15 in 1904 and went into the German army in 1914. But between those two dates the information about him is very thin. He went to Vienna and tried to become an art student but was rejected. He had no official job until he went into the army. How could he afford to live like this? He came from a very poor family background and the idea that he had inherited enough money to live on for ten years without working is ridiculous.

The German historian Samuel Igra, explains the mystery. Hitler was a homosexual prostitute in Vienna and Munich during his youth. He lived in a youth hostel in Meldemannstrasse, known to be a favourite haunt of male prostitutes. Rich homosexuals went there looking for young men and it was well known as a pick-up spot. Although male homosexuality was officially illegal in Germany and Austria at this time, all the capital cities were riddled with it. Historians Langer and Machtan say that Hitler lived in this manner for at least three years.

Image result for image Adolf Hitler

The young Hitler was regarded as a very good-looking man

In the 2001 book ‘Hitler’s Secret: The Double Life of a Dictator,’ German historian Lothar Machtan assembled documentary evidence suggesting that the ‘Führer’ was a closeted gay man throughout his entire adult life.
‘Yes, I do believe that Hitler was homosexual,’ Machtan said in a 2004 documentary film based on his research that aired on HBO.
‘There is such a huge amount of evidence. There must be something in it,’ he says. Machtan spent five years researching this subject. His evidence, which included unearthed testimony from a World War I veteran who said he caught Hitler having relations with a fellow soldier, and a top secret file from Munich’s vice squad in the 1920s alleging that he paid young men for homosexual services. He discovered from Hitler’s own military service records, that he was passed over for promotions because he was a homosexual

Hitler was known in his youth as “der Schoen Adolf”  – handsome Adolf  – and he had several rich homosexual patrons who later supported his rise to power in the Nazi party. They included Dietrich Eckhart, Karl Haushofer and Ernst Roehm. In fact, he moved in wealthy “gay” circles and these were the sort of people who founded the Nazi party.

Hitler had intimate relationships with several other young men, Rheinhold Hanisch, August Kubizek, Rudolph Hausler, and Ernst Hanfstaengl. Eugene Dollman, a homosexual member of Himmler’s staff, testified that Hitler’s name was included in the Munich police records of known homosexuals. Several younger men identified him as the person who had picked them up on the streets for a one-night stand.

This corresponds to the familiar pattern of homosexual development, whereby boys or adolescents are abused by older men, and then go on to become the abusers.

Hans Mend of German military intelligence records that during the First World War, Hitler, by then a corporal and despatch runner in the German army, continued to indulge in homosexual activity, with another solder called Ernst Schmidt. Mend thought Hitler’s whole personality was deeply homosexual but there was more to it than that. While billetted at Le Febre brewery in Fournes in France in 1915, Mend actually saw Hitler and Schmidt “his male whore” sleeping together and engaging in homosexual activity. Other solders who heard noises during the night switched on a torch and saw for themselves what was going on. Hitler and Schmidt remained friends for thirty years.

A German soldier called Rauschning testified that during the First World War, Hitler had actually been charged with improper conduct with one of the officers. The officer may have been Captain Lammers, a homosexual Berlin artist, who after the war paid the still penniless Adolf to pose for nude photographs and homosexual favours.

It was Hitler’s homosexuality that brought him into the circles of Ernst Roehm and Colonel Ritter von Epp, commander of the Freikorps. Epp was another pansy, and his Freikorps, riddled with queer goings-on, became the basis of the Nazi militia. Hitler had a homosexual friend named Julius Schreck, with whom he went on a private holiday to Bavaria, staying in an inn at the Bad Berneck spa. A photograph of Schreck hung in Hitler’s bedroom beside that of his mother.

In later life, Hitler feigned relationships with women such as Eva Braun to give the public the impression that he was normal, but everybody close to him knew that this relationship was never consummated to the day they died. Eva loved Hitler, but Hitler just used Eva as a closet door to conceal his true proclivities.

In 1934, the Nazi party organized a raid on the Berlin Foundation for Sexual Research, a homosexual organization, and destroyed all its records. They had to do this because the records contained so much proof of the homosexual past of Hitler himself and dozens of his closest colleagues in the Nazi movement.

 Hitler was not only a homosexual, he was a child-molester. Like so many male homosexuals, he had a taste for little boys. Male homosexuality is very frequently associated with pederasty, and those who deny it just freak out or shut down when confronted by the evidence. Hitler was of course a great admirer of the opera composer Richard Wagner, and became very friendly with the Wagner family. Between 1925 and 1933 he often visited them and stayed with them in Bayreuth, taking Schreck with him. A cousin of the family recalls that while in the house, Hitler seduced Wieland, the young grandson of Richard Wagner, child of his son Siegfried. Wieland was then only about ten years old. Wieland went on to become an avid supporter of Hitler and the Nazi movement. The facts were researched by Frederic Spotts, an American author and diplomat, who published them in Time Magazine in 1994.

After the war, Hitler’s personal physicians Karl Brandt and Theodor Morell were interviewed by a U.S. army interrogator, Herman Merl. He asked them for all sorts of details about Hitler’s health and personal life including his sexual behaviour. The form gave a space for commenting on sexual behaviour and Merl scribbled the word “homosex” in it. Brandt and Morell revealed that Hitler did not share a bedroom with his reputed mistress Eva Braun, and he took a range of weird medications over the years including injections of female hormones, and bull’s semen.

Furthermore, there is evidence that homosexuality was rife in Hitler’s SS and was used as a form of dominance and control in the Nazi movement. The SS raped captives and victims of both sexes.

So next time you hear anyone say that “gays” are bullied, persecuted or victimized, have these facts ready. Hitler, the worst bully in history, responsible for the massacre and torture of millions of innocent people, WAS HOMOSEXUAL. HITLER WAS QUEER. His homosexuality was a central fact in his warped, aggressive, anti-social, immoral psychology.

Gays are the biggest bullies, and the millions of Jews sent to Auschwitz, Dachau, Belsen and all the rest of those horror camps were VICTIMS OF GAY BULLYING.


Lothar Machtan Adolf Hitler

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10 Responses to Great Gay Bullies of the Past: Adolf Hitler

  1. Kwan kin fai says:

    But the gay activists & their supporters can always blame this on discrimination, they’ll say :” if there was no discrimination , Hitler won’t become a monster & blah, blah , blah…..”


  2. notChristian says:

    First, you know from my other posts that I am against gays, lesbians and transexuals (they must abolish sex changes). I have alot to say about this post, and it will be a long post.

    As some1 who has read alot about the 2 World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War and Adolf Hitler (though he has nothing to do with the Korean and Vietnam War), the fact is that there’s no proof about the homosexual accusation against Adolf Hitler. Historians Ian Kershaw with his 2 best sellers on Hitler (Hubris and Nemesis) & Professor RJ Evans with his book the 3d Reich @ War do not mention Hitler being gay. Professors Ian Kershaw and RJ Evans are excellent historians when it comes to 3d Reich History and the Nazis, though I do not agree with all that both historians say about the Nazis.

    That said, with Adolf Hitler, he kept the relationship between him and his mistress Eva Braun secret and most people did not know about his relationship with her until after the war. There’s alot of information about Hitler, in both his youth and adulthood. We know about Adolf Hitler’s diet from 1931 onwards being mostly vegetarian and Adolf Hitler talking to others about vegetarianism benefits and Adolf Hitler supporting animal welfare (more to be said).

    While Adolf Hitler & the Nazi Party died in 1945, Nazi ideas have not. Adolf Hitler was a dictator, but Hitler has charisma which continues long after Nazi Germany & their Axis allies (Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini does not get as much coverage) & Axis Japan were defeated. Nazis did things which were advanced for it’s time in such things as automotive science (VW Beetle came out in 1938, though it was mostly used by Wehrmacht during WW2) and Nazi Germany & Austria (after 1938 Anschluss) was advanced when it came to veterinary science and animal welfare laws.

    Nazis did pass animal welfare laws which were advanced for it’s time such as Hitler signed law to protect the eagle (Eagle on Swastika is Nazi symbol) and Hitler signed laws which created rules on hunting and Hitler signed laws on fastest way to kill crustaceans. Adolf Hitler had fascination with these animals. Adolf Hitler fascinated by birds such as ravens, crows & eagles with eagle being national symbol of Germany. Adolf Hitler also had fascination with dogs, wolves, deer & if you look @ German tanks there were Panthers & Tiger tanks. Adolf Hitler & his wife Eva Braun both fascinated with animals & Wagner operas.

    Lothar Machtan’s book along with Pink Swastika by Scott Douglas Lively are sensational. As Adolf Hitler is dead, it’s interesting to portray him as having Venereal Disease (VD) syphilis, of having an incestuous relationship with his niece Geli Raubals and him being gay though with these 3, there just is no proof. Professors Ian Kershaw and RJ Evans (both historians are anti-Hitler) do not mention anything to verify Lothar Machtan’s accusations.

    With Adolf Hitler’s medical history, he did suffer from gas, Parkinson’s, eczema and Hitler was wounded by mustard gas late during the First World War which gave him conjunctivitis or temporary blindness. Adolf Hitler’s personal Doctor Theo Gilbert Morrell gave Adolf Hitler many useless drugs (especially shots) and he gave Adolf Hitler the drug Pervitin. It’s not believed Hitler knew most of the drugs that his charlatan gave him. I think Theo G. Morrell’s interest was to make money and his drugs harmed Hitler, especially as Hitler got addicted to them.

    There’s so much information about Adolf Hitler, but there’s no reliable proof to the gay and pedophile accusations. Again, Adolf Hitler gave the impression to the German people that Adolf Hitler was celibate, when Adolf Hitler secretly had a relationship with his mistress and wife of 1 day Eva Braun which was known mostly to people who knew him.

    With homosexuality/lesbianism in Nazi Germany, must say that while homosexuals were often arrested and sent to concentration camps and while Nazi Germany’s policy towards homosexuals became more exterminating gays as time went on, it wasn’t extermination no matter what. In RJ Evans book the 3d Reich @ War, Professor RJ Evans mentions how 1 way Nazis (Goering institute) would determine if a person’s a homosexual is to put men with women prostitutes & if the men did not react sexually, the men could go to concentration camp for homosexuality.

    Nazis such as Himmler and Goebbells would sometimes intervened in that both commuted sentences of men convicted of homosexuality, such as Heinrich L. Himmler commutted sentences of men in concentration camps for homosexuality, so that the men could fight in German military (Wehrmacht), especially late in the war. There’s alot which can be said-while homosexuality and lesbianism were crimes in Nazi Germany & Austria with punishments of being put in concentration camps and even exterminated, it was not exterminate no matter what and there were interventions.


    • clairethinker says:

      You are totally wrong about lesbianism everbeing a criminal offence in Germany under the Nazis or at any other time.
      There is plenty of evidence that Hitler was homosexual – you are just reading the wrong books.


      • notChristian says:

        You are wrong-see

        Again, with Adolf Hitler, the fact is that most people did not know about Hitler’s relationship with Eva Braun until after the war. When Hitler was leader (1933-1945) there had been rumors about Adolf Hitler having a mistress and after the war, the rumor was verified about Adolf Hitler’s relationship with Eva Braun. Hitler did not want his personal life being discussed as he wanted to keep the image that his interest was for the nation, not for himself.


      • clairethinker says:

        No, we are not wrong, the newspaper headline is wrong. Be more careful what you believe! Paragraph 175 was a law passed way back in the 19th-century, not by the Nazis. Police and courts continued to enforce it under the Nazis, like all other existing laws. The figure of 50,000 men being convicted is a hazy one, taken from the estimated 50,000 arrests under Par 175. But the same men were arrested multiple times. Most of these arrests only led to a warning, others to a court appearance and a fine or a few weeks in jail. Only about 5,000 were ever given substantial prison sentences, and when they did it usually involved some sort of prostitution, public soliciting or activity with minors. There was certainly never any death penalty for homosexuals.
        Instead of believing silly newspaper articles, read Hidden Holocaust? by Gunter Grau, one of the better-researched histories of the topic.
        As for Hitler his marriage to Eva Braun, hours before death, proves nothing. The homosexual stuff happened years before, in his youth.


    • clairethinker says:

      You’re wrong – lesbianism was never a crime in Germany, or Austria. Nor any other country I can think of.


  3. notChristian says:

    Clairethinker, answering what you asked (though you did that in another post), Professor RJ Evans in his book the 3rd Reich @ War talked about how Heinrich Luitpold Himmler sometimes commuted the sentences of homosexual men in concentration camps, so that they could fight in the Wehrmacht.

    There is Clairethinker, no reliable proof that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual. If it were true, then 1 would think that the famous anti-Hitler historians Professors RJ Evans and Ian Kershaw would have written this. The fact is that in the 1920s Germany, a tactic to attack your political enemies was to use them of being homosexuals, whether the accusation is true or false. Adolf Hitler had many enemies who would have an interest to call him that.

    Adolf Hitler wanted to create the image that he was ‘married to Germany’ and he had little time for relationships with women. His relationship with Eva Braun was known mainly to his inner circle and most people did not know about his relationship with her until after the war. Some people are so involved with their work that they do not have much time to get married and have a family.

    Adolf Hitler would sometimes complain about how his job of being a leader gave him little time to marry and have children, though he had said @ times that he did not want children because since he saw himself as a genius, he thought that children of geniuses often turn out to be disappointments since they usually don’t accomplish what their genius dad did.

    With homosexuals, Professor RJ Evans also mentioned in his book the 3rd Reich @ War, that Nazi Germany policy’s towards homosexuals became more exterminating as the war went on-some Nazis such as Ernst Kaltenbrunner wanted to execute all homosexuals but other Nazis such as Henrich L. Himmler did not agree to the extreme as Ernst Kaltenbrunner .


    • clairethinker says:

      The book by Evans on the Third Reich you refer to is 3 volumes. Please give a volume and page number for this information. Thanks!


  4. David Scott says:

    Gay Men should never be allowed to adopt babies or children, whoever gave these two bullies permission to finalize the adoption, that is the Social Meddler and the Perverted Judge should be taken from their public roles and publicly flogged, placed on the Barring list of child offenders for life and have no pension rights out of the public purse.


    • clairethinker says:

      I think your comment may have somehow come up on the wrong thread. With your permission I will transfer it to the article on Matthew Scully-Hicks – or would you prefer to re-send it yourself?


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