Great Gay Bullies of the Past : Gwynne Evans and Peter Allen

Two Queer Thugs Who Got What They Deserved.

Gays bullying other people is a long and glorious tradition.

Gwynne Evans, and Peter Allen were a pair of homosexual men living in the North of England in 1964. And they were not quite the cosy, nice-normal-“gay” couple-next -door that the media tells you to expect.

Gwynne Owen Evans (left), 24, and Peter Anthony Allen, 21. Prison Service Photos/Liverpool Echo

They were unemployed petty thieves, who had been fined £10 for larceny. They could not afford to pay the fine, which was a week’s wage in 1964. So on 7th April, 1964, late at night, they drove to the home of John West, age 53, a laundry van driver of Seaton, Cumbria. They had a wonderful idea for raising the money. Did they offer to do cleaning, gardening, decorating? No, they decided to try  a bit of prostitution.

Evans left Allen in the car while he tried to persuade Mr West to give them £10 in return for homosexual activities.

Now just think about this. Why would they drive all the way there in the dark to ask him that? It looks to me as if John West must have known Evans and may even have been one of his previous “clients”. It was not likely he would proposition a random stranger in the countryside. But West was not in the mood. Maybe he was homosexual, or had been, but he did not want to pay for any services at that moment.Maybe he had no money. Maybe Evans asked too much.

Evans went back to the car and fetched Allen. West saw Allen and asked him, “Who the bloody hell are you?” That also suggests that West knew Evans. When Allen did not answer, West made a lunge at him. Allen panicked and hit West. Then Evans battered West with an iron bar that he just happened to be carrying around with him.

Mr West’s battered and stabbed body, which was naked from the waist down, was found by police one day later – 8th April, 1964. Police found Evans’ rain coat at the scene, and identified it as belonging to Evans when they found in one of the pockets, a medallion bearing Evans’ name.

Each man blamed the other for the murder. Mr Justice Ashworth sentenced them both to death. And the Lord Chief Justice said: “A more brutal murder it would be difficult to imagine.”

Evans was hanged at Strangeways Prison, Manchester, while Allen, who had trashed his cell when he realised that clemency was not forthcoming, was hanged at Walton Jail, Liverpool. Both men were hanged at exactly 8.00 am on August 13th, 1964.

VGB says: Hard to feel sorry for them isn’t it? If you were a member of John West’s family you would not be weeping for these two revolting thugs. Whether or not he was a fellow-homosexual (and the fact that he was found without his trousers suggests that he may have been) this was a callous and cowardly murder. Looks like one more example of how queers bully everyone including each other. 

May the Lord have mercy on their souls!”

Posted on September 30, 2014 by clairethinker

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