Great Gay Bullies of the Past: Ken “Death” Mieske, Racist Murderer

In 1988, a black Ethiopian student called Mulugeta Seraw was beaten to death in Portland, Oregon, by a gang of racist white men. They attacked two black men, and clubbed Seeraw to death in the street with baseball bats for no other reason than that he was black. Their leader was a skinhead-punk rock band player named Ken Mieske, who used the alias of Ken Death. The three attackers beonged to a gang calling  themselves East Side White Pride (ESWP).  He and his cronies Kyle Brewster and Steve Strasser were followers of the White Supremacist Movement, White Aryan Resistance (WAR) founded by Tom Metzger, They were all convicted and jailed. Their skinhead fans regarded them as heroes.

Still regarded as a skinhead hero by American Vikings

This bit of history is well-known but what most of the media don’t tell you is that Ken Mieske was homosexual.  He had close links with homosexual film-maker Gus Van Sant. Young Ken Mieske was the live-in “houseboy” of this “gay” cineast, whose film about the teenage rent-boys of Portland, Oregon was made only a year before the Seraw murder. And this film featured …Ken Mieske. Many of  the youths who became rent-boys affected a skinhead style so that no one would guess they were pansies. Mieske was jailed for burglary at one point, and Van Sant made a special film about his toyboy called “Ken Death Gets Out of Jail.”

In an interview with The Advocate an LGBT magazine, ( March 31, 1998) Van Sant said “The subjects of my films… were about gay characters. They were what brought me out of the closet… The films brought me out. That’s what my interest was. These gay characters and gay stories. And I was gay. My private life became my public life.”

Even the pro-gay SPLC admit in their newsletter of 2000 that there is a “significant” incidence of homosexuality among White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

Mieske’s cause of death confirms his perverted leanings. He died in prison in 2011 of viral hepatitis, a blood disease which is very prevalent among male homosexuals. Like HIV it is transmitted via the damaged tissues in sodomy and can only be partly prevented by  condom use. Condoms are only 80% effective an d they encourage men to take 5 times as many risks. Result = same diseases.

To the end, his fellow White Supremacists embraced Ken Sieske as their own, declaring him a “prisoner of war.”

The truth is that an awful lot of racists, and Nazis, are homosexual. Hitler was, and so was his henchman Ernst Rohm. Homosexuals are some of the most violent people around and they are the worst bullies.

Go and look on any LGBT website and you will find racist abuse. Queers are often racist. It’s a fact. So next time you hear them whinge about “sitting at the back of the bus” like Rosa Parks, remember Mulugeta Seraw.

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Ken Mieske, Skinhead Murderer of Ethiopian Student in 1988, Dies

By Robert Steinback on July 27, 2011 – 2:47 pm, Posted in Racist Skinheads

Ken Mieske – who lived up to his heavy-metal-music moniker “Ken Death” by savagely beating an Ethiopian immigrant to death with a baseball bat in Portland, Ore., in 1988 – died Tuesday in an Oregon hospital.

Mieske and two other members of a racist skinhead group called East Side White Pride (ESWP), Kyle Brewster and Steve Strasser, were involved in the beating and subsequently pleaded guilty to murder, assault and racial intimidation in the attack on graduate student Mulugeta Seraw and another Ethiopian man. The case provided the basis for a landmark Southern Poverty Law Center civil suit against White Aryan Resistance (WAR) founder Tom Metzger, one of most notorious and influential American white supremacists of the last 30 years.

Mieske, 45 – known as “Ken Death” during his days as a death-metal rock musician – had been imprisoned since his arrest. Prison officials did not give a cause of death, but according to The Oregonian, Mieske had long suffered from Hepatitis C.

On the night of Nov. 12, 1988, Mieske (mugshot below), Brewster and Strasser confronted Seraw and the other man standing near Seraw’s car, parked on a side street where he lived, according to The Oregonian. The skinhead posse screamed at the two African men to move, then attacked them. At one point, as Brewster punched Seraw, Mieske moved behind him and struck him twice on the head with a Louisville Slugger bat. As Seraw lay bleeding on the pavement, Mieske struck one more time.

The final blow “crushed his head between the bat and the hard pavement,’” said Portland police Detective Sgt. Tom Nelson, a key detective in the case, according to the newspaper.

Just three weeks prior to Seraw’s murder, Metzger emissary Dave Mazzella, head of WAR’s youth unit, the Aryan Youth Movement, had made contact with ESWP seeking to organize the skinhead group. When the news of the gruesome crime broke, Metzger praised Seraw’s killers for having done their “civic duty.”

But following their guilty plea, the SPLC sued Metzger and WAR on behalf of the victim’s family. Using the doctrine of vicarious liability, plaintiffs’ attorneys argued that Metzger should be found liable for intentionally inciting the skinheads to engage in violent confrontations with minorities. A jury agreed, returning a record $12.5 million verdict against Metzger and WAR. Tom Metzger was personally responsible for $5.5 million of that sum. Metzger lost his house, truck and tools (although $45,000 was returned to him after his house was sold, under provisions of California’s Homestead Act) and was required to make monthly payments to Seraw’s estate for 20 years.

The verdict crippled Metzger’s organization, which today is little more than a website where he distributes his ideas and propaganda.

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