Judy Shepard Still Goes on Profiting from Her Son’s Death #Matthew Shepard

The case of Matthew Shepard has long ago been exposed as a fraud.

Matthew Shepard was a student at Wyoming University and he was also a drug-addict, a drug-pusher and a homosexual with a record of paedophile offences and harassing heterosexual men.

He was a nut job.

Matthew was murdered by other members of his own gang in a dispute over drugs and money. They knew he was homosexual, in fact his killers had had relations with him that way themselves! Later that night, high on drugs, they went on to kill another victim, a heterosexual.  But the press ignored that, inventing a story about so-called “homophobia”.

And the LGBT movement has spun it for all it’s worth ever since.  They claimed Matthew was killed “for being gay” and get millions of dollars of funding every year.

Most shameful of all, his parents go on milking the story for all it is worth. Judy still gives talks in public and is paid handsomely for keeping up this myth.  Sick really…


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