Judy Shepard Still Goes on Profiting from Her Son’s Death #Matthew Shepard

The case of Matthew Shepard has long ago been exposed as a fraud.

Matthew Shepard was a student at Wyoming University and he was also a drug-addict, a drug-pusher and a homosexual with a record of paedophile offences and harassing heterosexual men.

He was a nut job.

Matthew was murdered by other members of his own gang in a dispute over drugs and money. They knew he was homosexual, in fact his killers had had relations with him that way themselves! Later that night, high on drugs, they went on to kill another victim, a heterosexual.  But the press ignored that, inventing a story about so-called “homophobia”.

And the LGBT movement has spun it for all it’s worth ever since.  They claimed Matthew was killed “for being gay” and get millions of dollars of funding every year.

Most shameful of all, his parents go on milking the story for all it is worth. Judy still gives talks in public and is paid handsomely for keeping up this myth.  Sick really…


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4 Responses to Judy Shepard Still Goes on Profiting from Her Son’s Death #Matthew Shepard

  1. clairethinker says:

    Please do not keep sending us duplicate comments. Thank you.


  2. notChristian says:

    Though I wrote this in the other Shepard topic, you wrote ‘Later that night, high on drugs, they went on to kill another victim, a heterosexual. But the press ignored that, inventing a story about so-called “homophobia”.’ They did NOT kill another victim.

    & what Judy L. Shepard omits is that her son Methew Wayne Shepard molested 2 neighborhood 8 year old boys when he was 15 years old which he got counseling for by Natrona County Juvenile Court which is what gay author Stephen Jimenez incidentally mentions near the end of the book. Judy Lynn Shepard , the Shepard Foundation, etc. have been trying to censor gay journalist Stephen Jimenez’s 2013 Book of Matt.

    Metthew Wayne Shepard (1976-1998) was not the innocent as he has been portrayed by Laramie Project or films like Shepard is a Friend of Mine. Metthew Wayne Shepard was a junky who assoc. with drug dealers in both Colorado & Wyoming, was possibly a drug dealer himself (Methew Wayne Shepard could also possibly have been a drug courier or a lookout) & when he was 15 years old, he was arrested for molesting 2 boys & he got counseling by Natrona County Juvenile Court for molesting 2 boys.

    But even some gay websites talking about the ugly truths of who Metthew Wayne Shepard was. Argument that because a person is dead & can’t defend himself, that we shouldn’t say ugly facts about him is weak, because books are sometimes written about dead people (such as actors), telling ugly facts of who the dead person was. While I won’t compare MW Shepard to a dead actor (actress) & while I won’t compare writing about him to a dead dictator, Metthew W. Shepard’s parents are famous & since they exploit their son, we have a free speech right to say ugly facts about who their son was.

    After Metthew W. Shepard’s murder, most people who knew ugly facts about him were shy as they don’t want to sound rude by talking poorly of dead-families of the 8 year old boys who Metthew W. Shepard molested were shy because they likely guessed the same thing. In few cases where people tried to tell ugly facts about Metthew W. Shepard, the journalists ignored them or they were condemned for talking bad about the dead. Witnesses who spoke to Stephen Jimenez likely thought that because Stephen Jimenez is a gay journalist, that they can tell ugly facts about Methew W. Shepard w/o being condemned.

    Judy & Dennis W. Shepard push ‘queero worship’ of Metthew W. Shepard . They have gone to schools to speak being invited by teachers & kids have posed for pictures with Dennis & Judy Shepard. Many of the pro-gay teachers won’t tolerate students giving facts which offend them & if a student were to say to Dennis & Judy Shepard that Metthew W. Shepard’s a child molester, drug junky & possible drug dealer, they could get punished by teacher.

    The teachers support free speech right for students to pose for pictures with Dennis & Judy Shepard-the parents of a dead child molester, drug junky & possible drug dealer but they oppose free speech right for students to say ugly facts. There have been cases over students getting punished by teachers for giving views against homosexuality which offended the pro-gay teachers. Dennis & Judy Shepard hope that people who agree with them reinforce them while those who differ be shy or if they speak censor them. If Dennis & Judy Shepard are invited to speak @ a school, then kids should have a right to tell ugly facts about Methew W. Shepard though Dennis & Judy hate it.


  3. notChristian says:

    Since Book of Matt was released in 2013, others have verified main things of Stephen Jimenez’s book-that AJ McKinney & Methew W. Shepard were acquaintances & the fact Methew W. Shepard assoc. with drug dealers in Wyoming & Colorado.

    I haven’t plead his 2 killers cases other than say that the 2nd man R.A. Henderson should have gotten a jury trial & a jury should have decided what to convict him on. Prosecutor could argue why it’s Murder 1, defense can argue why it’s lesser charge of 2nd Degree Murder or Manslaughter & then jury decides-that is as far as I go with his case is saying he should have gotten a jury trial.

    Let’s look @ what we do know about Methew W. Shepard. No matter why the murder happened, the idea that A.J. McKinney and Methew W. Shepard were strangers who did not know eachother until that day is rubbish. There are many witnesses-Doc O’ Connor’s ex girlfriend, Elaine Baker (bartender), M.K. Rohrbacher (drug dealer), Tristan (Ted) Henson (Methew W. Shepard’s former lover) & others who saw them together.

    Of course the witnesses can say they saw them together and can not know it all. It’s not believed Methew W. Shepard knew the 2nd man (R.A. Henderson) and I agree with Stephen Jimenez that Russell A. Henderson should have gotten a jury trial but got bad representation by his lawyers who urged him to take a plea when he wanted a jury trial. Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez Stephen Jimenez’s evidence are 1st party witnesses he interviewed-over 100 of them over 13 years.

    Now was Methew W. Shepard’s assocation with drug dealers and going into bars where drugs were sold more than buying drugs ? Was Methew W. Shepard a drug dealer or a drug courier? Stephen Jimenez thinks so and he believes it was the Denver circle. No, Stephen Jimenez does not know it all but his conclusions are sincere and honest. While homosexual groups complain about Stephen Jimenez saying the murder case is complicated and possibly not a hate crime, that is incidental-main reason homosexual groups are offended by Stephen Jimenez’s book is because he talked about the ugly truths about who M.W. Shepard was. You don’t always know the secrets friends and family have. If a person is a drug dealer, then they are usually not going to tell their friends and family that they do this.

    Even if Metthew W. Shepards friends and family know that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly truth about him, as they had tried to hide the fact that Methew Wayne Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling for it. Laramie Project, Shepard Foundation & Big Island Chronicle Tiffany Camille Hunt sees nothing wrong with Methew W. Shepard molesting children so their view is rubbish.


  4. notChristian says:

    Clairethinker, I know that not all my posts are approved on your website. I do have other information to give you and hope you approve, as I post to inform. If you didn’t know this about homosexual journalist Stephen Jimenez, here Stephen Jimenez talks about being molested as a boy by gay pedophile priests see http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/award-winning-journo-victim-blasts-child-victims-act-blockers-article-1.2640485

    If Stephen Jimenez hadn’t been molested, would he have turned out straight instead of gay? It could be that being repeatedly molested damaged Stephen Jimenez’s sexuality and it is not shocking, because we see this so many times. There are other things.

    With the 2 neighborhood 8 year old boys who were molested by a 15 year old Metthew Wayne Shepard, which his mom Judy L. Shepard omits. Often times, people who are sexually abused and molested have this happen to them by many others. It could easily be that those 8 year old boys were molested by others as well and it would not surprise me because we have heard this many times.

    1 of the 3 people who molested Methew Wayne Shepard when he was a boy was an older family member, so Methew Wayne Shepard had been a victim of homosexual incest. Have heard & read many times of homosexuals such as Metthew W. Shepard molested as boys by gay pedophiles & if they hadn’t been molested, would they have turned out straight instead of gay?

    Judy L. Shepard rather than discussing the possibility of a boy turning out homosexual as a result of repeated pedophilia, she and her husband have instead gone to schools to exploit indoctrinate kids about homosexuality, with help from pro-gay/lesbian teachers who won’t tolerate students telling Judy L. Shepard that their son was a child molester, drug junky and possibly a drug dealer. Anyhow, it’s common that many gays were victims of gay/lesbian pedophiles and sometimes, they have been sexually abused repeatedly by different pedophiles as Metthew Wayne Shepard by abused by 3 different pedophiles.


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