How Low the Queer Bullies Will Stoop #ThomasAMix #NicoleBonnet1

Okay, we know that queers are liars and they are bullies, but did you know that they steal other people’s names and identities? Yes, homosexuals steal the names of real people and put them on petitions in favour of LGBT extremism.

The crazy fanatics who have been bullying Jeanette Tye Runyon are still stalking her.  They can’t put it behind them and move on. They put her name on this petition for same-sex “marriage”  – she never signed it. How many other of the names on the petition are fake or stolen identities?

Fake Petition

We suspect those nasty trolls Thomas A Mix and @NicoleBonnet1 who have stalked her for so long.

They just can’t get over their rage because their plot to get her “kicked out ” of her church failed.!!!

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