From Same-Sex Marriage to Legalized Murder…One Perversion Leads to Another

They call their relationship a “marriage”. But Hayley Cropper used to be a man. He had gender-reassignment surgery so that he could pass for a woman, and then married Roy Cropper, who doesn’t mind sleeping with another man who has cut his goolies off.

Hayley and Roy are not real people. They are only characters on a long-running ITV series, Coronation Street. But these TV soap operas have a huge audience and a huge impact on the way that people think. For such terrible ideas to be displayed as normal or acceptable is horrifying. This is not a matter for sentimentality.  It is a sign of moral bankruptcy.

On the show, the part of Hayley Cropper is played by a female actress, Julie Desmondhalgh, giving the audience a false impression. In fact, it is always noticeable when somebody tries to change their true sex, and no man could ever pass himself off as a woman so successfully and undetectably. By giving the part to a real woman and saying she used to be a man, the show is spreading propaganda for the false doctrine of “transexualism”.  It is misleading people. Many children watch it and will be influenced by its lies.

When Hayley gets terminal cancer she decides to take the quick way out and drink a cocktail of poisonous drugs. Surely this is cowardice. And worst of all, it is being used to promote the idea of “assisted suicide” i.e. euthanasia. Euthanasia is a Nazi doctrine. Anybody who is old or ill is at risk from this attitude that their remaining time on earth is without value.

“Hayley Cropper, a married transexual with cancer, will commit suicide as her husband Roy watches in an ‘almost holy atmosphere’ tomorrow on Monday on ITV, Britain’s third main TV channel. At their bed Roy Cropper will watch terminally ill Hayley drink a deadly toxic cocktail. Even before it’s happened, the news of “Hayley’s Farewell” has already swayed a large majority in changing hearts to embrace the belief in assisted suicide, and there is now a Parliamentary bill to legalise it.”

Write to ITV and complain. Write to your MP and your MEPs and tell them that you do not accept transsexualism, and you do not accept assisted suicide.

Posted on January 25, 2014 by clairethinker

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