No Doubt Being Transsexual is a Mental Illness, Look at Chastity Bono

So-called transsexualism is a delusion, a mental illness that leads, like all mental illnesses, to the sufferer harming themselves first and foremost. Sometimes they also harm others, but even before they do  that you have to feel sorry for them.

Chastity Bono young

This beautiful, healthy young woman was the child of famous singer Cher Bono and could have had a wonderful life if she had not become obsessed with the idea that she wanted to be a man.


This is what she turned into. A gross, fat, ugly lump of lard that would make any man or woman run a mile. After all the surgery  – cutting her breasts off  –  and the hormones   –  giving her body hair and a beard  – she is just a freak, neither one sex nor the other.  You can hardly believe it’s the same person but this lump is Chaz Bono.

Cher and Chaz now

Standing next to her mother, Cher, Chaz looks short, glum and obese. She has messed herself up so badly she can now never have children of her own  – she is sterile  –  and guess what, not even lesbians find her attractive.

She is all alone, acting as a “transgender advocate” and “LGBT spokeman” unable to find love. Pathetic.

It’s a lonely, sad life for tranny freaks and doctors should not be carrying out these operations or prescribing hormones for such a reason. People with gender dysphoria should get psychiatric treatment.

>>It’s not Chastity’s fault she is a hung-up person.  She has written about her early life and it is clear that she had a very unhappy childhood. Her father was violent to her mother. Her parents left her alone most of the time with a nanny, and divorced when she was four. Her father would have preferred a boy, so he dressed Chastity in boy’s clothes and called her “Fred”. And when she was aged eleven, she was seduced by “Joan” a lesbian friend of her mother.

When she told her mother about this, Cher replied “This will be a good life experience for you.” For several years, “Joan” became both Chastity’s lover and a substitute for the mother who was rarely around. So Chastity developed into a lesbian. Her teens were disturbed and troubled. She suffered from drug addiction and depression and was sent to therapists  – but the therapists were lesbian or transgendered!  So of course she just became more confused.

"Chaz" Bono

Worst of all, she has a website that she uses to advocate other people following in her deranged path. She tells families to encourage their children to have horrific operations and fake hormones. If they believe her, they will end up confused and sterile like her.

YGB says:  Nobody should be allowed to promote these awful ideas to children in school.  If it comes to your child’s school, PROTEST.

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2 Responses to No Doubt Being Transsexual is a Mental Illness, Look at Chastity Bono

  1. greeneyedwoman says:

    Update your photos. chaz looks terrific now and is happy with his transition. it does work for some.


    • Millard says:

      Its still a mental disorder and you and twist it, turn it, do whatever but its still wrong and no it does not work for anyone. Just because they look good on the outside, there’s still something missing upstairs and in their hearts. Looks are deceiving.


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