Victim of Homosexualism: Husband of 17 Years Embraces Homosexual Lifestyle – Wife Fights to Protect Children » Americans for Truth


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When a married man with two children leaves his wife to become homosexual, he  betrays her ad his children, hurting and humiliating them deeply. The attitude of society should be to condemn him and sympathize with his wife. Society should stand by the hurt, suffering family.  It is shameful that in today’s USA the media will applaud the husband for perversion, and the courts will even award custody of the children to the guilty husband. The wife can be deprived of her children who are forced to go and live with perverts, being exposed to a corrupt, immoral and harmful lifestyle. 

YGB says :This must stop.

“On November 16, 2014, my husband of almost 17 years woke me up early in the morning to tell me some devastating news. For the past number of months he had been having adulterous affairs with numerous men.”…

                                                            * * *

“[A judge’s order allows husband] to take our children into a home he shares with his homosexual lover. Our 12-year-old son has repeatedly said he feels uncomfortable being in that house with W—- and his boyfriend.”

Source: » Americans for Truth

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