Homosexual Tears Family Apart, Takes Children from Innocent Wife

After seventeen years of marriage, Jennifer Coutlee’s husband left her  –  for another MAN. She has been a faithful wife and devoted mother to their three children. Surely it goes without saying that she should get custody of  them.


But her ex-husband is determined to fight it, and to force the children to live with him under the same roof as his perverted partner.

There are many reasons why children are unsafe and disadvantaged living with homosexuals  – not least the very high rates of paedophilia found among homosexuals. They also practice many forms of  sexual abuse and disgusting perversions on each other. They have high rates of disease, mutual assault and of drug-abuse. The fact that they are so bad at looking after themselves forces the conclusion that they will be bad at looking after children, and that view is supported by a growing number of COGs  (children of gays) such as Kay Faust and Moira Greyland who have come out in public with their memories of childhood blighted by homosexual parents.

Do a search on this blog for many examples of homosexual paedophiles and murderers. They greatly exceed the average percentage.

It should be stating the obvious to say that children need an example of a good stable man-woman relationship, and yet courts nowadays need reminding of this. You can help Jennifer Coutlee and her family raise money for the legal battle by going to this page and making a donation.

YGB says: Children have a right to a mother and a father, and should be protected from exposure to dangerous and aberrant lifestyles. A father who refuses to carry out his duties as a husband and father is not a suitable carer and should never get custody.


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