German Homosexual Rapes and Murders Two Small Boys

How is it possible for any pervert to even contemplate raping little boys as young as four or six years old?

But that is exactly what happened to two boys in Germany this year.

A body found buried in the allotment of a man who confessed to killing a four-year-old migrant has been confirmed as a German boy missing since July.

A months-long hunt for six-year-old Elias, who disappeared while playing near his parents’ home in Potsdam near Berlin, has now ended after DNA analysis revealed that the body dug up by police on Friday was that of the young German boy.

The location of the body emerged in a confession a few days ago from the 32-year-old suspected killer of four-year-old Bosnian migrant Mohamed, who was abducted from outside a refugee registration centre in Berlin as he waited with his mother and siblings.

The suspect, a security guard named as Silvio S under German privacy laws, was arrested on Thursday in connection with Mohamed’s murder, and he admitted to sexually abusing and killing the migrant boy shortly afterwards. He confessed that he had also killed Elias and buried him in his allotment in Luckenwalde, in the northern state of Brandenburg.

Mohamed’s body was found on Thursday in the boot of the suspect’s car, having last been seen being led away by a man after becoming separated from his mother at the Berlin state office for health and social affairs on October 1.

German Police CCTV image of Mohamed Januzi with an unidentified manMohamed Januzi hodling Silvio S’s hand  Photo: German Police

Authorities arrested Silvio S after receiving a tip-off from the suspect’s mother, who recognised him in high-resolution CCTV images of a man holding Mohamed’s hand.

Elias is thought to have suffered a violent death shortly after he was kidnapped, and sexual motives are thought to have playing a role in his killing, said senior public prosecutor Heinrich Junker on Sunday.

The alleged killer is currently in custody in Berlin.

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