Conservative Prof May Lose Tenure After LGBT Witch Hunt – Breitbart

Professor Robert Oscar Lopez is being hounded out of his job at the University of California, Northridge, because he has publicly criticized the LGBT movement.

Lopez is the editor of Jephthah’s Daughters,  a collection of articles written by people who are like himself, children of homosexuals. He was raised by lesbians  and he asserts  that the impact of same-sex “marriage” on the children has been overlooked, swept aside and just silenced by the official narrative. Despite being bisexual himself, he  remains opposed to same-sex marriage and testified to the US government on the harm it does  to children. Now married with children, he is the founder of English Manif and COGwatch.

Writing in the academic online journal The Public Discourse three years ago, Lopez wrote his upbringing by two lesbians had been harmful to him and that he now opposed same-sex marriage. Despite appearing on a relatively small site, Lopez’s explosive essay has more than 9,000 Facebook shares. …

Not surprisingly, the LGBT activists such as Scott Rosenweig, put him on their hit list. They sent officious, aggressive messages to the university demanding his dismissal. Dr Lopez has been officially denounced by HRC, the queer crusading organisation led by paedo Terry Bean  (who is still in litigation with his former toyboy Kyah Lawson).

When their external complaints did not immediately work, they enlisted some nasty students including a certain Caroline Costa,  to make false accusations against Dr Lopez.



Please share it widely and fast because the gay bullies of HRC are targeting this man to silence him. That is what they want to do.

Source: Conservative Prof May Lose Tenure After LGBT Pressure – Breitbart

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