Counties line up to tell Supremes to take a hike

Officials in a several counties in Tennessee are lining up to tell the U.S. Supreme Court to take a hike.

Well, not actually in those words.

But the court’s summer decision that created “same-sex marriage” is in the bull’s-eye in new resolutions adopted by at least three counties.

In Johnson County, officials voted “to affirm and go on record that Johnson County is vehemently opposed to the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell et al v. Hodges and supports the decision of any elected/appointed official challenging that unconstitutional decision.”

In Greene County officials adopted a very similar statement that pointed out that “since this country’s founding [states] have regulated and defined marriage without interference from the federal government or its courts.”

In McMinn County, officials pointed out the text of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution “reserves all powers not explicitly delegated to the federal government to the people and the states.”

The votes weren’t close. Johnson County’s was approved 15-0. McMinn’s was 10-0 and in Greene, it was 17-2.

Source: Counties line up to tell Supremes to take a hike

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