Queer Who Sexually Harassed Straight Man Gets Victim Jailed

Is it a crime to defend yourself against unwanted homosexual advances?

It shouldn’t be, but the crazy non-discrimination laws have made it one.

A 37-year -old man in Vancouver was sentenced to six years in prison because he punched a homosexual and caused accidental injury.

Man 'driven by virulent homophobia' sentenced to 6 years for attack on gay man

Sean Woodward was in a pub where 62-year-old Ritch Dowrey twice made advances to him, offering  to buy him a beer and touching him in an intimate, offensive way. Woodward said “I am not like that,” i.e. “gay”, and before he left the pub he punched Dowrey, knocking him over. He was also heard to call him a “faggot”. The older man fell onto a tiled floor and suffered a head injury that caused brain damage.

When the case got to court, Dowrey was represented by Jennifer Breakspear, executive director of QMUNITY, BC’s Queer Resource Centre. She was determined to make the case into a publicity stunt for her crusade against so-called “hate crime.”

“It was clear the judge had heard the argument that his homophobic response to a reasonable interaction with Mr. Dowrey was far over and above just a physical attack,” said Breakspear. “There was hatred that motivated it,” she said.

Taking the cue from Breakspear, the judge called the incident an  “unprovoked attack, driven by virulent homophobia.”  She refused to believe the defence that Dowrey had touched Woodward on the crotch, preferring to believe other claims that he had merely been touched on the shoulder.

Nobody considered that it might have been provocative in the extreme to make repeated advances to a man who was not homosexual, and insult his manhood. Nor did anybody accept that the seriousness of the injury could have been due to accident or the victim’s severe drunkenness at the time.

YGB says:- Free Mr Woodward and pay him compensation. He is a victim of gay bullying. 


Posted on July 27, 2012 by clairethinker

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