Queer Killed Male Partner and Left Dismembered Body in Park

When queers whine about being victims of “homophobes” just remind them that they commit far more violence and murder to each other than their worst enemy could ever dream of.

Gabriel Campos-Martinez (pictured) was sentenced to 25 years in prison

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A homosexual who killed and dismembered his male partner, leaving the head near the Hollywood sign, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

City News Service says 40-year-old Gabriel Campos-Martinez was sentenced Monday by a judge who urged him to explain why he committed the murder. Campos-Martinez earlier declined to make a statement.

Authorities say Campos-Martinez lived with Hervey Medellin (med-eh-YEEN’) before he strangled the retired airline ticketing agent in December of 2011.

Medellin’s head and other body parts were scattered near a hiking trail in Griffith Park near the Hollywood sign. A dog being walked found the head a month after the killing. Authorities later found hands and feet.

Police seized a laptop from Campos-Martinez’s home during the investigation and discovered it had been used to search for ‘How to butcher a human carcass for human consumption’. The search was made a day after Medellin was last seen alive.

Campos-Martinez was arrested last year in Texas.

YGB says: Gays are the worst bullies. They are the aggressors, the dangerous ones. Get the truth out there!



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