Most Homosexuals Get HIV from their Partners

Don’t buy that cosy myth about “stable gay relationships”. They are not stable and they are not monogamous.  New research reveals that the commonest way homosexual men get AIDS or HIV is from their live-in partners.  Just calling them a “husband” does not make them monogamous. Far from it.  It does mean of course  that they can both get by on the same health-care plan, like a married couple, but that is unfair as they don’t behave in the same  way and other s end up having to pay for their rocketting health bills.

The research done  by Drs Nicholas Perry, David Huebner, Brian Baucom and Colleen Hoff shows that the most frequent source of AIDS contagion is the live-in partner of a homosexual man.  Homosexuals do not avoid disease by  living together in pairs, in fact, they are more likely to transmit it,  and cohabitation makes them no more honest, no more considerate and no less promiscuous. 

This research published by Springer Science in New York 2015 explodes a lot of myths. Men who “marry ” other men stop using condoms but they are just as likely to be exposed to infection as men who meet random partners.

Another piece of research carried out by Sullivan in 2009 reported that “two-thirds of HIV transmission between MSM occurs between main partners”.

The research of Brenner published in 2007 showed that nearly half of all HIV transmissions across society, in all groups, occur between homosexual partners.

YGB says: Homosexuals must take the rap. They must accept responsibility for their actions and their spreading of disease. “Gay” marriage is a myth. It’s a travesty of  marriage and it is actually killing  people.

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