HIV-positive Homosexual Kidnaps & Rapes 6-year-old Boy

Homosexuals are not “gay” they  are vile. They are bullies, rapists and capable of any perversion. 

“Calculated, depraved evil” is what Fox News called it.

Ira Task, a homosexual man aged 61, in Pennsylvania,  is charged with a host of crimes related to the sexual assault of a 6 year-old boy.  He drugged and sodomized the boy while the younger man videoed it and streamed it live on the internet. Then he too, raped the boy.

Ira Task

Police say Ira Task, 61, made arrangements with another man, William Byers-Augusta, 19, of North Middleton Township, to bring the 6 year-old victim to his residence at 1519 North 2nd Street in Harrisburg for sex . Police had previously arrested Byers-Augusta for child pornography found at his residence in July. At that time, Byers-Augusta’s iPhone was confiscated and images and video of two men sexually assaulting a boy were discovered on the phone. The boy was administered amyl nitrite prior to being assaulted.

William C. Byers Augusta

Willam Byers-Augusta

One of the men was William Byers-Augusta. The other was a white male whose face was concealed in the video.

Police traced text and phone records to Task, who has been manager of catering events for Hershey Entertainment and Resorts since 2006. They identified  Task by moles on his body and jewelry he wore in the videos. They were able to identify 1519 North 2nd St as the location where the video was shot. Task admitted to police he was the person in the videos and that he arranged with Byers-Augusta to have the boy brought to his house for sexual abuse. He further admitted that he is HIV positive and has been since 1994.

Byers was arrested and charged with rape and creation of child pornography. Text messages on his phone showed that he had planned and delivered the victim to Task at his home, for the later  rape. The messages show they planned it for months. Police say the video shows Task drugging the child with an inhalant, both men abusing him, and then Task raping him.

YGB says: Homosexuals are  spreading evil and depravity in our society . They are calling it by euphemistic names “equality” or “gay rights” but it is simply evil. The worst thing is that they are going into schools and teaching  children that their vile behaviour is normal. They must be stopped now. They are spreading AIDS on purpose and they are spreading perverted ideas and beliefs.

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