Transgender Cheats Donors with “Leelah” Scam

After the death last year of Joshua Ryan Alcorn, a teenage boy who wanted to be a girl and called himself “Leelah” his parents in Ohio were bombarded with hate -mail and pilloried because they simply regarded it as a mental illness.  LGBTs loudly blamed the “bigoted” people who would not accept a man as a woman. 

But Alex Miller,  another transgender in California, who likes to call     himself Yrigoyen, and claim to be “agender” i.e. neither sex, saw a way of turning the event into a tidy profit. 

He used his Tumbr blog in the name of “zubat” to set up something called  ‘The Leelah Project‘.

This picture may be Alex  – he posted it, but can we believe anything that comes from him?

He invited those who wanted to enshrine “Leelah’s” memory to send him money, clothes, make-up and everything a boy who wants to be a girl could dream of, all to be given, he claimed, to needy transgender teens around the country, whose parents were too mean or “bigoted” to provide them. The Leelah Project was set up as a charity, and very soon the Human Rights Campaign [set up by paedo Terry Bean] was drooling over it and saying how wonderful it was to be helping so many deserving fetishists.

The Leelah Project really took off. People held  fundraisers at their real schools to support it, people started sending in their spare clothes, and they even managed to get an online clothing store to donate 50% of its profits for some shirts.

However, months passed and there were no records of any parcels being received, or cash donations being passed on. Charities are supposed to keep accounts…so who was getting the money? Alex managed to get about $15,000 alone just on his gofundme. People waited for photographs to appear on his blog of the grateful recipients posing in their donated bras or suspender belts. But none appeared.

They still haven’t appeared.

People started to circulate odd stuff they found about Alex on her tumblr blog. He said he was a Native American, who worked at NASA, yet was also a nurse, and also studying something. 

Another blog exposingalex was set up to expose him. This post from March 30th calls into question the ‘lack of funding’ and the fact that no one had come forward to say they had received a package or a cheque from the Leelah Project.

People noticed that Alex claims to be  ‘genderqueer’ and Native American, as well as Spanish, Aztec or Cherokee. He even claimed to be studying to be a paleontologist.

He has now deleted the Leelah Project from gofundme and tumblr.

It seems some people are still making excuses saying he is not a crook, just mentally ill. Maybe it’s all a copying strategy, adopted because he was so stigmatised and society is so bigoted, right?

YGB says:  Queers are  liars. It pays to remember that!

20 year old pulls a Catch Me if You Can, takes on a bunch of improbable identities, scams $15,000 in donations meant to help trans people and her white knights still pull the ‘mental illness‘ card for her.

Boxes of bras clutter Alex Yrigoyen’s kitchen. Makeup fills the closet. Wigs lie on the floor of the bedroom. But Yrigoyen is worried it won’t always be like that.

See, the items don’t belong to Yrigoyen. They’re all donations for transgender teens — and really, anyone — who requires help presenting as a gender that contradicts their sex, like Leelah Alcorn did. The late 17-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio, made headlines in December when she allegedly killed herself after feeling rejected by her family and being forced into a conversion program. Her high-profile death caused a surge in public awareness about LGBT rights, inspiring outrage over how she was treated, petitions about therapy laws and Yrigoyen’s nonprofit, which collects clothing and accessories for people in need.

Now, almost two months later, the efforts to keep Alcorn’s legacy alive have already begun to struggle as one-time eager supporters have moved on from her story. But LGBT activists said these issues don’t fade away when the media attention does. More than 40 percent of the 7,000 respondents to a 2010 survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force said they had attempted suicide. LGBT youth are up to four times more likely to try to kill themselves than heterosexual youth.

“My death needs to mean something,” Leelah wrote in her widely published suicide note.

Yrigoyen, who identifies as agender, used to follow Leelah’s blog on Tumblr. When Leelah died, Yrigoyen published a post about giving old clothing to people who can’t afford it or obtain it. Donations began pouring in — The Leelah Project’s site got 10,000 followers in a day, and more than 80,000 people shared one of its posts — and Yrigoyen started sending out care packages. In-demand items include shapewear, compression shirts, chest binders, wigs, padded bra inserts, mascara, eyeliner and nail polish….

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