Charlie Sheen is Homosexual, that’s How He Got HIV

Only a few weeks ago Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV positive. Women all over Florida trembled in anxiety recalling their foolish flings with this notoriously promiscuous actor. 

Sheen has taken many risks. Despite three marriages, he has slept with prostitutes and ex-porn actors. Both categories have a lot of contact with bisexual and homosexual men. They also perform abnormal sexual acts. That explains how the virus gets into the heterosexual population.  

But it’s worse than that. It turns out that Sheen is queer.

This video has emerged of Sheen performing oral sex on another MAN. So he is bisexual.  No wonder he got HIV.

YGB says: Never believe the myth that “AIDS is not a gay problem”. It is a homosexual epidemic, caused and spread largely by sodomy, or by intravenous drug abuse.  You can also get it by oral sex with an infected person. It is very rare for heterosexuals to get or spread it through normal intercourse. Don’t believe the lies.

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