Paris Terrorist Was Homosexual

Salah Abdeslam was one of the infamous Muslim terrorists who launched seven simultaneous attacks in Paris on Friday 13th November.

You don’t expect an ISIS terrorist to be homosexual  – after all, it’s against the Koran isn’t it? And ISIS is supposedly opposed to all that permissive decadent Western stuff.

Salah Abdeslam sur un appel à témoins

But terrorists are bullies, and gays are bullies, and it seems he fitted well into both categories. Police investigating the crimes have discovered that Salah was a well-known face in the gay bars of  Brussels. One bar-tender there said that he hung around so much they assumed he was a rentboy.

Salah and his brother Brahim went to Paris to take part in the attacks that killed 130 people. Brahim blew himself up in one of them in the Boulevard Voltaire. Salah, who was now France’s Public Enemy no 1, escaped to Brussels, with the help of two Belgian friends, and is thought to have told them he would escape to Syria.

Police have been tracing his footsteps by means of the CCTV cameras in gay bars in Brussels. These reveal that he used the venues not only for pick-ups but also for stealing people’s identity papers.

There was no reason he couldn’t have stolen them from any bar, but he had his tastes.

YGB says:  Next time you are told that homosexuals are more feminine, gentle and sensitive than heterosexual men, remember Abdeslam. He was as gentle and sensitive as a stick of lighted dynamite.


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