Teen Boy Murdered by Queer After Online Grooming

The media had great difficulty reporting the murder of 14-year-old Breck Bednar without mentioning the word “homosexual”.

Yet his killer. 18-year-old Lewis Daynes, sexually molested him just before the murder, and he had planned to do this, as just before the horrendous crime, he went out and bought condoms…

Breck Bednar

Breck Bednar of Surrey, England.

Computer engineer Lewis Daynes, knew Breck thourgh an online gaming site. online and exchanged messages for many months. He groomed him carefully, gaining his trust. He pretended to be running a successful computer business that could make them both rich. Then in February 2014, he lured the boy to his flat in Rosebery Road, Grays, Essex, where he lay in wait armed with duct tape, condoms and syringes that he bought online just in advance.

When Breck arrived at the flat, he was gagged, drugged, raped and then stabbed to death by Lewis.

At Chelmsford Crown Court in January 2015, Daynes was sentenced to a minimum term of 25 years .

Sentencing Daynes, of  Grays, Mrs Justice Cox said: “Having lured the young victim to your flat, you murdered him.  You had befriended Breck and a number of other adolescent friends through an online community. I’m sure that this murder was driven by sadistic or sexual motivation.”

YGB says Sexual, no. Homosexual yes. Daynes is just another typical homosexual sadist and bully.






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