Don’t Blame Uganda. David Kato was Not a Victim of “Hate-Crime”.


More queer myths and lies.

When the death of the Ugandan LGBT activist David Kato Kisule was announced to the world, in January 2011, the queers immediately spread a myth that he was the victim of “homophobic hate-crime”. They blamed his death on those who resist the legalization of homosexual behaviour in Uganda. They spread hysterical accusations about good, normal and moral people all over the newspapers, TV and internet.  As always they tried to insist that homosexuals are “victims” of persecution by heterosexual society. But this was a misinterpretation.

What really happened?  

The Ugandan police investigated and found that Kato had been murdered by a young male prostitute he had invited into his flat. The vile Kato had been living a luxury lifestyle with payments from LGBT activists abroad. He used the money to buy himself a posh apartment in the middle of the city and fill it with western appurtenances.  He also used the money to bribe prison officials into releasing young men convicted of involvement in homosexual activity.

Think that makes him a nice guy? Not really. Kato expected the young men to show their gratitude by providing him with homosexual services…free of charge. In other words, he was getting a free prostitution racket at the expense of LGBT activists, who are in their turn funded by Western governments. Which means you and me.

The young men knew that if they refused, Kato could simply send them back to gaol. Most of them were not willingly engaged in homosexuality, but they resorted to it as a way of earning money in a very impoverished economy where there are few jobs. These young male prostitutes take terrible risks with their health just to earn a pittance.

Kato’s death was at the hands of one of these young men. Taken from goal back to Kato’s flat, he was expected to drop his trousers and underpants for Kato. But the last one Kato took home refused to co-operate without payment. He regarded Kato as just another customer, and he saw himself as being exploited. The dispute got heated  – and the young man clobbered Kato to death, then left his dead body in the flat, locking it behind him.

The European Parliament  hastily censured Uganda for allowing a so-called hate-crime to take place, and so did America’s brainless President Obama, who swallowed all the Gaystapo propaganda unquestioningly.  Neither of them apologized even when the Ugandan ambassador to the European Union, Stephen T. K. Katenta-Apuli, explained the true facts in an open letter to the President of the European Parliament.  He wrote to “correct an impression Members of the European Parliament may have that the murder of David Kato was a result of his championing the rights of gays and lesbians in Uganda …..nothing could be farther from the truth.”

Mr Katenta-Apuli exposed the true facts about how Kato had died in a sordid dispute about payment with a male prostitute, adding, that David Kato “should share responsibility in this very unfortunate incident”.

He rightly reminded them that unlike female prostitutes, male prostitutes “have the physical capability to defend their interests,” and concluded

The case is in Court and due process will deliver justice. I can assure you that the culprit will get a fair trial, will be found guilty and will receive maximum sentence, which could be death at the gallows.

Instead of apologizing, the EU spokesman Heidi Hautala MEP, Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights, responded with a stubborn denial of having done any wrong.

Letter Uganda Ambassador to European Parliament (1 of 2) Letter Uganda Ambassador to European Parliament (2 of 2)

The EU and America both continue to put economic and diplomatic pressure on Uganda and all other countries that will not cave in to LGBT demands and bullshit. This is shameful bullying. Write to your MEP or US senator and protest about these lies and this grossly unjust, undemocratic policy.

VGB says: If David Kato had kept the laws of his own country, he would still be alive. His death was his own fault.


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