Homosexual Admits Rape and Paedophilia are Rife in their Community

A woman who lived as a lesbian for fifteen years has written an amazingly honest account of what she learned while following that lifestyle. She reports that time and time again the homosexuals she mixed with admitted to her that they had been molested as children, raped or exploited by adults, in some cases subjected to prolonged cruelty. This was a major factor in their choice of sexuality. These were damaged people. They felt betrayed by adults and by their families which had not protected them. They sought solace in drugs and promiscuity. Behind their talk of “Pride” was a lot of hurt and compulsive self-harm.

She changed from a lifestyle of promiscuity and drug-abuse to one of love and commitment in a supportive Christian community. This is her testimony;-

“THE LIE BEHIND GAY PRIDE….GAY PRIDE. we have, in our society become all too familiar with this term. but what exactly does it mean? are those in the homosexual community so elated and overjoyed by their sexuality that they must share it with the rest of the world? the most simple answer…NO. well, then, why the banners…the rallies…the gay churches…the stores with the enormous rainbow flag…… in the window???? this requires a much more difficult answer. when i was gay, i wasn’t interested in those things, and i knew why. although i lived completely “out of the closet” and never attempted to deny my sexuality, i couldn’t agree with much of the practices. i wouldn’t step foot in a gay church, i wasn’t motivated by rallies or new laws for gay rights, and i never agreed with gay marriage. i had a belief system i couldn’t shake. i think i always knew i was the Lord’s somehow. that through every ungodly relationship, all the drugs and the all night parties, and the numerous times i went to jail, He was always protecting me and keeping me. i never completely understood why until i was delivered. what i did know is that i didn’t fit in. i never had any gay friends and i never dated a lesbian. I identified as a straight male, and lived my life predominantly in the heterosexual community where i felt more at ease. there were times when the women i dated, who were either bisexual or bi-curious, would become infatuated with the gay culture, becoming fast friends with many in the community and getting us invited to cookouts, gay bars, rallies, lunches, etc. i would grudgingly attend, and be uncomfortable most of the time because i knew i didn’t share the same beliefs. even though i smoked pot and drank liquor and was looked at as someone fun to be around, there was an obvious difference. i didn’t share the passion they did, and it wasn’t long before the questions began.

“Where do you two go to church?” “Nowhere.” “Well, we would like to invite you to our church!” my girlfriend would usually sell me out pretty quick. “she won’t go to a gay church.” jaws would drop and eyebrows would be raised. “WHAAAT???” “She doesn’t believe in gay church.” i’m usually left standing there like, wow thanks!! and i would have to explain myself. and every time i did, it never got any easier. i would say, “i don’t believe that ignoring certain parts of the Bible make it the truth. i don’t believe that God intended anyone to be homosexual and i won’t go to a gay church and pretend i do!” i’m sure it’s easy to see why i never fit in very well in the gay community. the blinders were always off. God revealed His Truth to me at an early age. and now i am fully aware that He allowed me to go through the sexual abuse and the brokenness and the demolishing of my psyche and soul so that i would learn all i know now, and He would be able to use me in these last days, to help those that want to be restored and made whole. and that became another issue i felt more comfortable ignoring. the brokenness. in the gay community, i was confronted with it much more. i could see it in their eyes, in their souls. they would casually mention a violent rape they suffered as a child, or abuse by an uncle who wouldn’t stop touching them, an absent father and an overbearing abusive mother, a gym teacher who messed with certain boys in the locker room, a step-dad who beat them unconscious, etc etc etc….it never seemed to end. i didn’t want to hear those stories. i didn’t want to be reminded of my own. i believe that was one of the reasons i felt more comfortable around heterosexuals. there weren’t as many stories. i always knew that was why i was gay. i hated all men for what was done to me and i believed God hated me for allowing it to happen. and i wanted so bad for Him to love me. but i was broken and ashamed. now the opposite of PRIDE is SHAME. so this “pride” never amounted to anything with me because i didn’t believe anyone who was broken sexually was genuinely happy. AND THEY AREN’T. the Lord revealed to me the layers that the enemy coats on someone who is gay. in almost all incidences, there has been abuse, which always brings shame. shame will cause someone to desire healing, and they may come to the cross, and the devil knows this. so he has worked very hard in creating a “false pride” in the community, to cover the rejection, brokenness, anger, confusion, abandonment from God, shame, worthlessness, and violated feelings that are attached when someone has suffered at the hands of another. if he can create pride over who they are in their hearts, then he can feel confident in the fact that they will lack any connection to their Creator, and never seek healing and deliverance.

PRIDE IS HIS ULTIMATE WEAPON AGAINST THESE BROKEN SOULS. It is imbedded like a root into their ego, and safely covers the hurt and rejection and shame they have encountered in their lives. so the flamboyency and the spectacle of all the pride parades and rallies and huge flags are only a way to cover the shame from their abuse, the brokenness they feel, and the obvious disconnect from their Creator. IT’S NOT REAL. the root is there. and honestly, it may take years for them to admit this as fact. and there will be alot of anger when it begins to come to the surface. if you believe that it will be an easy walk, you are misleading yourself. BUT JESUS CHRIST CAN DO IT. He can reveal to them, as He did me, why they were broken to begin with, and why the PRIDE THAT THEY WEAR ON THE OUTSIDE IS A MASK TO COVER UP WHAT IS ON THE INSIDE. the inside is what you need to pray for. begin to pray differently for that loved one than you ever have before. ask God to break their false pride if they are open with their sexuality. and ask Him to reveal to them why they are broken. ask Him to bring the shame to the surface, and cause them to want to be healed from whatever destroyed their sexuality. no one is born gay. something happened. it varies tremendously. don’t try to figure it out. God knows why. ask Him to bring it to the surface. to cause the person you love to be confronted with the truth of their brokenness. come against the false pride in the Name of Jesus and ask the Lord to break that shell so that the truth be revealed. their is no pride in being broken. being different. being disconnected to God. no matter how many rallies or parades they have, they will never find peace until they allow Jesus to heal them and make them whole. and deep down inside every person wants to be connected to our One True Spiritual Source, but the devil is hard at work building the walls to keep the truth from reaching them. you probably won’t succeed with words. but you will with prayer. He has you here in this place in this time so that you will find the truth and seek His plan. start today. it’s a long road but He will walk it with you. God bless.” ****FEEL FREE TO COPY AND REPRODUCE****


Posted on March 28, 2013 by clairethinker 



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