Larry Brinkin, LGBT Hero, Convicted on Child Pornography Charges

Larry Brinkin had a long career with San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission. He is considered a “gay rights pioneer,” and a champion for “equal rights” for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender “community.”

He is the lawyer who set the whole “gay  marriage” thing rolling. He is also a VILE PERVERT and unbelievably CORRUPT.

 Larry Brinkin 

This week Brinkin, 67, was convicted on two charges of possessing child pornography. Human Rights did not extend to children that he had a chance to exploit. Warning: some of the descriptions below are stomach-turning.

Among other items, attached to one email police found an image that showed “an approximately 2-3 year old child … Underneath the child is an adult male, using his right hand to hold the child and his left hand to insert his erect penis into the anus of the child,” the document says.

In the email, the user, who authorities indicated was Brinkin, wrote, “damn, what a sightseeing huge dick in tiny hole, tearing it open. That [n-word] must be in coon heaven stuffin it in the tiny white hole!” 

Brinkin had a “toolbox” of child pornography, which included thumb drives, so yes, there was a lot of it, and it was found at his home. Brinkin’s “husband”, Wood Massi, claims he knew nothing about Larry’s tastes.  

Brinkin will continue to receive his pension from the city of San Francisco, as he was retired at the time the crime was discovered, and, get this — he did not commit an “act of moral turpitude.” What does one have to do to commit an act of moral turpitude, generally defined as something that shocks the public conscience, is base, depraved, vile? A California Supreme Court ruled that attorneys engaging in child pornography will lose their law license due to a serious breach of the trust that all should share in the care of a child; but only attorneys…not your run-of-the-mill “gay rights pioneer.”

“The knowing possession of child pornography is a serious breach of the duties of respect and care that all adults owe to all children, and it shows such a flagrant disrespect for the law and for societal norms,…

Brinkin received a pathetic mild sentence; six months in jail, six months in home detention wearing a monitoring device. He must register as a “sex offender for life,” until Liberals come up with a way to have his name scrubbed.

The Other McCain wrote about this case yesterday and brought up another involved with the Boy Lovers Network, different from the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). You must read the story. Not one, but two men abusing a child just weeks old, and you will be shocked at how the men ended up with this child in their clutches.

frank-m-lombardFrank Lombard

Remember Frank Lombard? He was also considered a prominent “gay activist.” He was anAssociate Director of Duke University’s Center for Health Policy. His partner, Ken Shipp, was a pharmacist and also worked for Duke. Lombard and Shipp adopted two black boys. Lombard drugged and sodimized the youngest who was five at the time. Through an Internet chat service known as ICUii he raped the little boy while an imprisoned pedophile watched live. He offered the poor child for “sex” deviance with others like himself, and some reports say the child was subjected to others. Lombard was caught because he offered the little one to an undercover FBI agent. No one seems to know if the older boy was abused, or what happened to him other than both were removed from the home.

Ken Shipp said he knew nothing about what Lombard was doing in their house. Er…yeah… Shipp is still employed as a pharmacist at Duke involved in HIV/AIDS research.

Lombard and Shipp had a nice home in Eno Commons, a “cohousing” development in Durham, North Carolina. Children scampered freely through the 22 yards and onto the porches in the neighborhood. There were potlucks and many neighbors to watch over tje children. The website describes Eno Commons as a “Paradise for Children,” and “Open to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender…”

At the time I was writing about Lombard and his cozy abode in the very green communal of Eno Commons, and still yet today, 11 percent of residents are ‘people of color’ and of that 11 percent “all are children,” no adult ‘people of color.’

Sherri Zann Rosenthal is the developer, and an openly gay activist. Today she is a senior city attorney for Durham. Her partner, Daya Breckinridge is on the nursing school staff at Duke. Remember Durham District Attorney, Mike Nifong, and the Duke Lacrosse scandal? The Duke nursing school was implicated through testimony from someone in that school that supported Crystal Magnum’s false claims of rape.

In Lombard’s case he was charged with ‘producing’ child pornography, rape, assault and the “dereliction of parental obligation.”

There was little press on Lombard. He was a member of the vestry in an Episcopal church that tried to scrub their website of all mention of him. I didn’t find the church denouncing him publicly, but maybe they did.

Lombard was sentenced to 27 years and 3 months in prison in March 2010. Brinkin will be out there somewhere in about six months. Track him on the sex offenders registry. He may come to your neighborhood and anyone who could look at what he looked at, might take it a step further.

[With grateful acknowledgements to Maggie’s Notebook.]

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