Lesbians Try to Suppress Free Speech in Cambridge

Last month Jonathan Hall, a young Englishman, was speaking in Cambridge about religion and same-sex marriage, to which he is opposed. To his amazement, a lesbian couple started filming him, shouting at him and then they telephoned the police and demanded his arrest.

This is the GAYSTAPO in action.

According to them, “Anyone who believes in man/woman only marriage should be sent to jail.” “Equality overrides free speech and your views are homophobic, intolerant and very very offensive” they screamed. “Nobody should be allowed to believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman in the 21st century, we’re calling the police and we’re calling them now.”

While one of them was on the phone to the police, Mr Hall asked, “What next, are you going to have MPs who voted against same-sex marriage arrested? What about people who voted UKIP in the local elections – are you going to have them arrested too?”

 “We’d love to !” they yelled, “We’ve got all of the evidence to put you in jail!”

When the police arrived, they questioned the lesbian couple and viewed the film on their mobile phone. They vociferously urged the police to arrest Mr Hall.

Mr Hall reminded the police of a recent court case about Adrian Smith the housing trust manager who was denounced by aggressive lesbian Julia Stavordale merely for saying on his Facebook page that he opposed same-sex marriage. While the court could not get him his original job back, it did theoretically uphold Mr Smith’s freedom of speech.

The police weighed the situation for a long time then finally backed off. However this did not satisfy the lesbian couple. They got advice from an LGBT organization and made an official complaint against Mr Hall. He was required to defend himself in writing. When he did so, they complained again, claiming that some details of what he said were inaccurate. He had to write a second letter. For many weeks he feared that the complaint would lead to a court prosecution.

There is nobody more bloody-minded and vindictive than a homosexual when their vanity is piqued. This is the new-style tyranny of homo-extremism in action.

Jonathan Hall is a VICTIM OF GAY BULLYING.

VGB says – Act now – we do not want our society taken over by the GAYSTAPO.

NB 600,000 people in the UK signed the Coalition for Marriage petition. Only 64,000 people signed the petition to redefine the institution. Many people suspect that big money bribes are behind the sudden move of the government to force through a law never mentioned at the last election.



Posted on June 20, 2013 by clairethinker 




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