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Same-Sex Couple Calls Out Airline For Asking Them To Move So Straight Couple Could Sit Together – Yahoo News

Should have known Stink News was involved. I’m sure its been blown clear out of shape as is their usual. From Yahoo News: Kristina Antoniades and her partner Merrin Hicks were travelling on a Qantas flight when Hicks was asked … Continue reading

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Two Homosexuals In Pennsylvania Kidnap Six Year Old Boy And Drug Him. One Of The Sodomites Is HIV Positive And He Sodomizes The Boy As The Other Homosexual Films It. They Then Post The Video On The Internet – Walid Shoebat

This sure as hell don’t surprise me. Queers are disgusting little maggots.  Two homosexuals in Pennsylvania kidnapped a six year old boy and drugged him. One of the homosexuals, who is HIV positive, raped the boy as the other sodomite … Continue reading

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Bernard Gaynor, the senior army officer in Australia who was sacked for complaining that homosexuals were breaking the law, has WON his legal battle with the Australian army. This is a magnificent victory for the forces of good over evil … Continue reading

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Vile Online Bully #NicoleBonnet1 Stoops Even Lower

Notorious internet troll #NicoleBonnet1 has stooped to a new low in her  War on Christians. She has searched through old newspapers and found out that someone she hates has a dead child. So Nicole has assumed the name of that dead … Continue reading

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