Bernard Gaynor, the senior army officer in Australia who was sacked for complaining that homosexuals were breaking the law, has WON his legal battle with the Australian army.

This is a magnificent victory for the forces of good over evil in the world. It is a warning to gay bullies everywhere  – yes you can be beaten.






Major Gaynor who has a record of distinguished service in action, and speaks several languages,  pointed out that there is a law against members of the armed forces  taking part in any political or partisan event wearing uniform, and that this law was being broken by LGBTs taking part in the gross and obscene Mardi Gras “gaypride” parade in his town.  Instead of enforcing the regulations, the army bosses sacked Col Gaynor. They behaved as if being “anti-gay” was a crime.

For two years he has waged a legal battle against them for unfair dismissal and the battle has cost him $50,000 Australian dollars.  He has also been pilloried and victimized by the entire LGBT Gaystapo in Australia. The litigation pest Gary Burns brought a series of cases accusing  Gaynor of  “defamation” of the precious little queer community and its vices. 

Burns openly called for Gaynor to be bankrupted and his family to be made homeless because he stood up for law, morality and truth

Thank God, Burns’ nuisance litigation was thrown out by the courts. And the courts have also now, finally, reached the right conclusion about Bernard’s dismissal from the army.

He is being re-instated.  We hope that he gets full compensation, enough to pay for his legal  costs and make sure that his family of seven children does not suffer any more hardship. Of course the queers don’t care about that. All they care about is pursuing their life of vice and selfish gratification.

Earlier this year Bernard wrote:-

Federal court action to reinstate my commission

Over the last three days I have been in the Federal Court in Sydney challenging the Chief of Defence Force’s decision to terminate my commission in 2014. I lost my commission after highlighting that uniformed ADF involvement in the Mardi Gras breached lawful orders prohibiting uniformed participation in political events. The military was also unhappy that I suggested that there is a link between Islam and violence.

I believe that my legal team has put forward the best possible case that:

  • the process used to terminate my commission was unlawful,
  • the decisions leading up to the termination were unlawful,
  • the review of the termination never occurred, as required by law, and
  • the termination decision conflicts with the constitutional protections of religion and political communication.

The Chief of Defence Force did not provide any evidence to support his position and nor was my evidence contested. For instance, the Chief of Defence Force did not contest evidence that senior Defence personnel believe that it is now acceptable for the military to vilify Christianity but not Islam. Instead, it was simply argued that the Chief of Defence Force has the power to impose whatever cultural beliefs he wishes. It was also argued that it was permissible for the Chief of Defence Force to authorise support for events that are recognised to be controversial and politically-polarising, while imposing restrictions on the speech of those who do no support such events.

As such, it was important to fight this case in view of the clear attack that the military hierarchy and lobby groups within the Australian Defence Force are now making on religious freedom and political communication. It should be of the greatest concern that the Chief of Defence Force believes that it is perfectly acceptable for the military to involve itself in domestic political issues in a Western democracy.

Consequently, this case will set a very important precedent that will affect Australia’s democratic system into the future. I am hopeful that it will be one that preserves democracy and protects the majority of Australians who identify as Christian.

I have been advised that it may be a number of weeks before a judgement is handed down.

Complaints from homosexual activist

I am now preparing for another serious legal case on 4 September, 2015 against homosexual activist, Garry Burns. He has lodged complaints against me for such things as criticising homosexuals who exposed themselves to children at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. He’s also lodged complaints about his own comments left on my Facebook page.

The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has accepted these complaints, demonstrating that the ‘Thought Police’ have no moral compass and not only believe that homosexuals should be free to engage in lewd conduct in the presence of children without criticism, but that those who do so should be punished. I now face a fine of up to $100,000 for this particular matter – and there are another two in the pipeline. Any fine will go straight to Burns.

The matter on 4 September comes after I won an appeal earlier this year against a decision that Garry Burns’ complaints weren’t ‘vexatious’. This means the Tribunal will now reconsider evidence that Garry Burns’ has threatened my family, released or offered to release my address to third parties (including Islamic organisations) and incited others to complain for the purpose of bankrupting me, seizing my house and assets and throwing my seven children onto the streets.

I am hopeful that this matter will put an end to these complaints once and for all. But I am well aware that the real problem in this situation is not Burns, but the Anti-Discrimination Board and the law which is being used by radical activists to extort, blackmail and silence political opposition to the LGBT+ agenda (and as they are now using ‘+’ to identify with an open-ended array of ‘sexual orientations’, you might ponder what that means and where it will lead).

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