New Attack on Bernard Gaynor, please donate to fighting fund

Anti-free speech campaigner and militant homosexual activist, Gary Burns, has appealed the decision handed down by the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal dismissing his complaints against me. His appeal was lodged with the support of a large legal firm in New South Wales a few days ago.
A hearing has now been set for 1 April 2016 and further complaints have been lodged against me. 

As such, I must now head back into another costly legal fight. There can be no doubt that it is part of a carefully orchestrated political campaign to prevent me from standing for parliament with the Australian Liberty Alliance. It is also part of a strategy to allow anti-free speech laws in one state to be used against those living in another.

Gary Burns has made it clear that he is appealing to prevent me from running for the Australian Liberty Alliance. He has also made it clear that he is doing so in support of the Greens. This should come as no surprise: the Greens know that if the Australian Liberty Alliance wins Senate seats at the next election that it will come at their expense. It also comes as a Greens candidate in Tasmania has launched an anti-discrimination complaint in an attempt to silence debate on proposed changes to marriage laws.

Make no mistake: any change to laws on marriage to please one minority group will open the door to a campaign to amend marriage laws to recognise Sharia law marriages and polygamy as well. Strange as it sounds, ‘marriage equality’ is the back door to the implementation of Sharia law in Australia.

Gary Burns and the Greens hate our Western civilisation. They hate it so much that it twists their logic. The Islamic State is hurling homosexuals from buildings. Yet Gary Burns has called the Australian Liberty Alliance a terrorist organisation for opposing Islam. He has made his choice: he would rather see Islam flourish here than our Western Christian civilisation, even if it would jeopardise his own safety. Unfortunately, he is not alone and there are many on the radical left who hold the same twisted views.

There is a tremendous battle for freedom and our future under way in Australia. I am committed to standing tall and fighting hard to protect our freedom. In this battle, the bullets are dollars. I know that you have already been so generous but I am running very low on ammunition. I must ask for your help once again.

If you wish to donate, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Click here
  • or go to
Family Values Action Account (used to cover legal fees):
  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c: 39 446 4501
Gaynor Family Support A/c (used to fund my website and the Gaynor family)
  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c: 84 082 9276
Cheque/Money Order:
  • PO Box 766, Park Ridge, Qld 4125
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