LGBT group meetings build community in Bloomington | Indiana Daily Student

Just more useless horse fodder from the queers and their equally useless supporters. <Admin>

Freedom Indiana is planning meetings across the state to boost support to add protections for gender and sexual minorities to Indiana’s existing civil rights legislation.

Indiana’s civil rights legislation already protects race, religion, age, disability and sex.

Bloomington residents wrote out their support for LGBT civil rights at the Freedom Indiana community meeting Thursday night.

The meeting was one of five in different Indiana cities.

Previously, the advocacy organization had visited Columbus, Indiana, and 

Freedom Indiana Campaign Manager Chris Paulsen said the goal of the meeting was to build a community that supports LGBT advocacy in Bloomington.

“We find, usually, that the people who come to the first meetings are the core (of support),” Paulsen said. “They form the core, then bring their friends.”

The organization opposes Senate Bill 100, the Indiana Republican Senate’s attempt to extend protections for LGBT Hoosiers while maintaining religious freedom.

Source: LGBT group meetings build community in Bloomington | Indiana Daily Student


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